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Why You Should Care About Heat Protection Spray

A quality heat protection spray offers multiple benefits for any type of hair, especially when it’s exposed to various heat styling techniques. Blow drying, curling irons, and flat irons are fabulous tools for creating gorgeous hair styles, but they also pose a threat to your hair. Heat styling removes moisture from your hair and can leave it dry, dull, and damaged. To avoid those nasty 3 D’s, always use a heat protection spray.

Why You Should Care About Heat Protection Spray

How Does a Heat Protectant Work?

A heat protection spray works to help reduce the loss of moisture from the hair, both from its surface and from the inside. Heat styling, hair products that contain alcohol, and color treating your hair all combine to reduce the moisture content in your hair — essential moisture the hair needs to maintain its lushness and manageability. Heat protectant products help your hair retain that desperately needed moisture while coating the surface of each strand to make it detangling easier and every lock feel soft and smooth.


Products like the Ion’s Heat Protection Spray can:

  • Help protect against split ends and unsightly breakage
  • Help improve your hair’s shine and luster even after days of heat styling
  • Provide a protective barrier to prevent and reduce damage
  • Help your hair retain essential moisture to maintain it’s natural health

Why You Should Care About Heat Protection Spray

How to Use Heat Protection Spray

Hair professionals recommend using  a heat protectant  before any heat styling, including daily heat drying with a blow dryer. To get the most benefit from your heat protection spray, use it on wet hair. When you deep condition your hair, use the heat protection spray after the treatment and before styling. The heat protectant combined with the conditioning agent will work together to repair damage from previous heat styling and chemical treatments while helping to protect against future damage.

Apply your Ion Heat Protection Spray to wet hair, after towel-drying but before blow drying. Do this each time before you blow dry or heat style your hair to protect it from succumbing to the 3 D’s: drying, dulling, and damage. It also can be sprayed on individual sections of dry hair before using your flat or curling iron, but avoid spraying directly onto the hair’s roots.

Important: Always read the heat protectant product’s instructions fully before applying or using. Before applying a heat protection spray to color treated hair, be sure to perform a both a patch test and a strand test.

Did you know? If you heat style wet, unprotected hair, it significantly increases your risk of damage including split ends and breakage.

Why You Should Care About Heat Protection Spray

Heat Styling Temperatures and Hair Types

Some flat irons can reach scorching temperatures of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If your hair is chemically-treated, colored, or if it has a fine texture, it’s best to never flat iron at a temperature higher than 300 degrees Fahrenheit or damage is likely. For medium hair, keep your flat iron temperature set from 300-400 Fahrenheit, but closer to 300 degrees is better to prevent over-drying. If you have a coarser hair type, typically your hair will be able to handle higher temperatures of 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regardless of your hair type and if it’s color treated or natural, it’s essential to use a protectant when performing any type of heat styling, including using a hair dryer. Your hair will look and feel healthier if you do.

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