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Why We Love Our Curling Irons

Beauty Bliss Thanks to Advanced Magnesium Technology

Not all curls are created the same. Voluminous and bouncy hair is a thing of beauty, but executing red-carpet worthy ‘dos isn’t as easy as people think – something you’ve probably discovered while trying to tame frizzy curls or unclamp bent ends. Whereas traditional curling irons can overheat and even fry your hair, magnesium curling irons are basically the polar opposite. The sleek interior of these modern-age curling irons is coated in black magnesium ceramic, an efficient heat conductor that gives you the styling power you need without overwhelming your hair.

So what does all that science talk mean for those of us craving a better way to curl? In short, magnesium technology produces a curling hair that preserves, rather than saps, your hair’s moisture, creating a style that’s every bit as shiny and healthy as it is stunning.

Why We Love Our Curling Irons

How to Use Your Magnesium PRO Curling Iron

Upgrading to a magnesium curling iron is just the first step to having unbeatable hair. Here are some tips on how to use your new styling tool for maximum effect.

Temper Your Heat

Turning your curling iron on full blast might be tempting, but faster is not always better. Higher heat settings may be necessary when trying to tame thick, coarse, or color-treated hair, but the same level will wreak havoc on thinner strands. Start your iron on one of its lower settings and check out the results. Curls not holding? Try a higher setting, gradually amping up the heat until you achieve the desired effect – without any smoke!

Rethink Your Technique

Most people use the traditional clamp-and-curl method, catching the bottom of each section of the hair between the barrel and lever of the curling iron and rolling up until the barrel is close to the head. The problem with this method is that it can look a little too done – few people want spiral curls just like Shirley Temple’s – and it can also leave you with crooked ends where the hair got clamped to the barrel.

Instead, try this:

  1. Gather a one- to two-inch section of hair (depending on the size of your curling iron and what kind of curls you’re aiming for) in one hand.
  2. With the other hand, hold the curling iron close to your head.
  3. Wrap the section of hair around the curling iron barrel, starting with the top section of the hair (closest to your scalp) and ending by holding the end of the section with your fingertips
  4. Hold for about 15-20 seconds (the same time it takes to sing a quick version of the “Happy Birthday” song) and then unwind the hair.

You’ll get natural, shiny curls with plenty of movement and absolutely no crispy tips!

Why We Love Our Curling Irons

The Long and Short of It – Curl According to Length

Struggling to curl your bob? Use a smaller-barreled curling iron and point it downwards from the root of your hair. You’ll have more room to wrap the hair around the barrel without burning your scalp or fingertips or crimping the ends

Constantly losing the curl from your extra-long strands? Try these tricks:

  • Don’t try to curl freshly washed hair. The lingering moisture and lack of natural oils will work against you. (By the same token, don’t try curling dirty hair, because too much oil will flatten curls quickly.)
  • Apply styling products before you start curling. Dry shampoo or a great texture spray will help your hair – especially if it’s fine or thin – adopt the texture it needs in order to hold a great curl.
  • After curling your hair, release the curl into your hand and let it cool there before surrendering it to its own weight. A cooled-down curl will last a lot longer than one that’s stretched out while it’s still hot off the iron.

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