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How To Choose The Best Bright Hair Color for You

Beautiful bright hair color has never been easier! Have you dreamed of perfect pink streaks peeking out of your layered bob? How about bold bangs in a vibrant blue? You can have these great contemporary colors today and then in just one or two shampoos, it’s back to your natural color. It’s that easy with ion™ Brights Airbrush Tints.

How To Choose The Best Bright Hair Color for You

How ion™ Brights Airbrush Tint Temporary Color Works

The new ion™ Brights Airbrush Tint deposits brilliantly bold color with an easy-to-use hair spray application. Because this is a temporary pigment, there’s no long term commitment — you can wash it immediately out if desired. The aerosol spray makes application simple and the color distribution even. The great thing is: no pre-lightening required. Just spray and in an instant, you have that amazing, bold color you’ve always wanted.

Pro Tip: ion™ Brights Airbrush Tint works best when used after your hair has been styled.  For increased color vibrancy, spray, allow to dry, and then apply an additional layer.

How To Choose The Best Bright Hair Color for You

How To Choose The Best Color for Your Hair

The color that looks stunning on your dark-haired best friend may not look as flattering on your light auburn tresses. When looking to add a temporary bold color to your hair keep a few things in mind:

Blonde Hair:

Temporary tints vividly color shades of blonde — the lighter your blonde, the brighter the color may appear. Lower the level of “bold” by opting for tinted highlights, like the peek-a-boo technique for just a pop of color. If your complexion is cooler, consider tints in blues and purples , while warmer complexions can rock the reds, pinks and oranges.

Red Hair:

Shades of red and auburn look best in contemporary colors that play to their natural color’s strengths. Opt for pinks and purples but avoid oranges, which can make your hair look brassy. Look to enhance your shade of red with the right temporary tint for a standout look. 

Brunette Hair:

If your hair is any shade of brown or black, a hair tint naturally won’t appear as vivid as it does on lighter hair colors. However, it will create a stunning jewel-tone look that’s chic and unforgettable. Shades of red and pink temporary tint will stand out best in darker hair, while greens, blues and purples  will have a more subtle effect.

Still not sure which bold hair color will work best with your complexion and hair type? We’ve got you covered. Check out our article How to Choose the Right Hair Color for more expert tips from ion styling professionals.

The new ion™ Brights Airbrush Tint is a great way to experiment with bold color because it’s temporary. Try several different colors, see what suits your mood or coordinates best with your favorite party outfit. Go with purple tips for Friday drinks with friends and pink streaks for the rooftop party on Saturday. By Monday, it’s back to your natural color for work. The sky’s the limit with hair color from Ion!

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