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What You Should Know About Coloring Your Hair After a Perm

Many women make the decision to get a perm in order to add curls and volume to their naturally straight hair. And while a permanent wave can be a great way to switch up your style, it’s also important to realize that getting a permanent wave also involves the use of strong chemicals. Therefore, if you’re thinking about coloring your hair after a perm, there are some specific precautions you’ll want to take to avoid damaging your hair or altering the effectiveness of your permanent wave.

What You Should Know About Coloring Your Hair After a Perm

Wait a Couple Weeks

First and foremost, the best thing you can do is to wait a couple of weeks after getting your permanent wave before you even think about coloring it. This will give your hair the time it needs to normalize after the heavy chemical perming process, which will make it accept color better when the time comes. During this two-week period, you should also be sure to thoroughly condition your hair daily, which will help to restore the hair’s moisture and prevent it from drying out when you color it.

What You Should Know About Coloring Your Hair After a Perm

Use a Gentle Formula

If you just can’t bear to wait two weeks before coloring your hair, or if you simply want to minimize the chances of any damage, choosing the right hair color formula can make all the difference. Our Semi-Permanent Creme Hair Color, for example, is formulated to be gentle enough for immediate use after perming, relaxing, and other chemical processes.

What You Should Know About Coloring Your Hair After a Perm

Always Do a Strand Test

It’s always a good idea to do a strand test before you color your hair at home, but this is especially important when coloring your hair after having it chemically processed. You can do this by applying a small amount of hair color to an inconspicuous section of your hair, following the instructions that came with your hair coloring kit. Be careful to section off your hair to prevent color from transferring to other areas.

Rinsing out the color, dry and style your hair as usual. It is recommended that you wait 24 hours before proceeding with coloring the rest of your hair so you can be sure you’re happy with the results and make sure that your hair is accepting the color well without damage.

What You Should Know About Coloring Your Hair After a Perm

Give Your Hair Some TLC

To prolong the life of your color, consider following up with an after-color sealer, in addition to moisturizing and conditioning treatments. Your hair will need the extra moisture after your permanent wave, which can dry out your hair if you’re not careful. The right treatments will also help to keep your hair looking silky, smooth, and healthy.

Finally, if possible, try to refrain from shampooing your hair every day. Allowing your scalp to produce natural oils that distribute to the rest of the hair shaft is healthy, especially after you’ve had a permanent wave. You can always use a dry shampoo in between washing to keep your hair looking clean and polished.

Coloring your hair after a permanent wave is something that you should be careful with. Still, with the right hair coloring formula and a little bit of TLC, you can achieve beautiful color that complements your permanent wave and keeps your hair looking great for many weeks to come.

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