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What We Love About Bobs & Other Short Cuts

Short hair for 2015 has become one of the hottest beauty trends. From wavy lobs to sleek bobs and eye-catching pixie cuts, shorter hairstyles have gained in popularity. We’ve always loved Halle Berry and Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie styles and it’s fun to see celebrities like Jessica Alba, Lucy Hale and Kaley Cuoco with stunning new short cuts. If you’re still hesitant to chop off some inches, check out the many pros to shorter hair.

Here’s what we love about bobs and other short cuts.

Low Maintenance

Most bobs and short cuts look amazing even with a simple wash-and-go. No more pulling lengths of heavy hair up into a pony tail when you’re rushed for time or twisting your locks into a messy bun. Short hair is quick and easy to wash, dry and style, making the morning rush not so crazy and allowing you to pull together a chic look even if you hit the snooze an extra time or two.


It’s true that long hair is great for a lot of looks — from elegant updos to fun braids and sexy waves that fall loose past the shoulders. However, short hair is equally versatile and typically requires less time to style versus long hair. You can have the wow effect with a bob or short cut by wearing it sleek and sophisticated for a special night out, textured and wavy for work and quick-styled with a finishing product for stylish work look.

Great for Thin Hair

Thin hair often falls flat when trying to wear it long and straight. When worn longer, your thin hair can appear to look thinner than it actually is. A layered bob can add the appearance of fullness for even the thinnest hair. If you’re still unsure about short hair, opt for a lob. The lob is a longer bob that can be worn with layers and offers a bit more length than the bob, which typically sits about chin length.


Once upon a time there were “rules” that implied short hair was for women over 40. Ridiculous. Anyone, any age, can wear short hair and look fabulous. There are no age rules for hair today. If you want to trade in your long locks for a sassy pixie cut that shows of your incredible cheekbones, do it. Beauty is timeless, ageless and short hair can look stunning whether you’re 22, 42 or 62.

Works for Any Shape Face

Piece-y style pixie cuts can help bring out the angles on heart-shaped faces and even soften the look of a round face, adding a bit of edginess. A layered or shaggy bob that sits about chin-length or slightly longer typically looks great on any shape face, softening the edges of a square face and enhancing an oval face. This also is a great cut if you want to experiment with color. For a strong jaw line, opt for a bob that falls past the jaw with the face-framing hair longer than the hair on the sides and in the back.


Short cuts make it easy to achieve an edgier look. From a shaved side to complement a pixie cut or a choppy bob in a bold blue, shorter cuts can pack a punch when going for the wow factor. Going short doesn’t have to mean boring or conforming. With the right short style you can express your personality and make a statement.

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