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What is Hair Tint?

Changing your hair color allows you to express your individuality, be your most vibrant and confident self. Choosing the right hair color or opting for hair tint may seem like a monumental decision, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. You may be wondering, what is hair tint? Let us take you through the differences between hair color and hair tint.

What is Hair Tint?

What is Hair Tint?

Hair tint changes the color of your hair permanently. It does not wash out, although it can fade over time. Essentially, hair tint works by opening the hair’s cuticle which allows the tint or color into the hair shaft. This is how it changes the hair’s natural pigment.

What is Hair Tint?

What is the Difference between Hair Tint and Hair Color?

Hair color such as semi-permanent color deposits the color onto the hair instead of penetrating the shaft. Hair color often lasts about six to eight weeks depending on your hair and your hair care routine, washing out gradually over time. Hair tint may fade but it won’t wash out, instead it grows out and will leave a growth line over time.

What is Hair Tint?

Hair Tint vs Hair Color

As with most things in our world, there are pros and cons to both hair tint and hair color. Both coloring options offer several benefits and allow you to find the perfect shade to fit your mood and lifestyle.

Hair tint:

  • Provides 100-percent gray coverage.
  • Can be used to lighten your natural color.
  • It’s a longer-lasting color solution, especially if your hair doesn’t grow quickly.
  • Does leave a regrowth line, but if you’re using a hair tint that’s close to your natural color this won’t be an issue.
  • Does not wash out, but can fade depending on your hair and hair care routine.
  • Easy to apply with a tint brush and bowl; application time will vary depending on the length of your hair.

Hair color:

  • Variety of permanency options, from temporary to semi-permanent.
  • Gradually washes out with regular shampooing, about six to eight weeks depending on your hair type and hair care routine.
  • Because it washes out, it may not leave a distinctive growth line.
  • May not offer full-coverage for gray hairs.
  • Easy to apply with a tint brush and bowl and like hair tint, application time can vary depending on your hair length.

What is Hair Tint?

Can I use Hair Tint at Home?

Absolutely! You can use hair tint or hair color at home, just be sure to use the right tools and products. You’ll need a hair tint brush and bowl as well as a pair of latex gloves to protect from staining your hands. When using hair tint at home, be sure to follow all the directions on the Ion product box. If a strand test is recommended, do not skip this important step that can help determine if you may experience an allergic or sensitive reaction. Contact the Ion professionals through the online contact page, by email at info@ionathome.com or by phone at 1-800-859-3112.

Trust Ion for the hottest hair tint colors and products, including popular shades like chrome and midnight blue-black. Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting color change or something a bit more temporary, we have the shades that will help you look your best.

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