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What Is Hair Gloss?

The right hair color transforms how you look and feel. Sometimes finding not only the right color but the type of coloring product can seem overwhelming and bit confusing. What’s going to work best for your hair type and needs — Permanent color? Demi-permanent? Semi-permanent? And what is hair gloss?


What Is Hair Gloss?

Types of Hair Color

You already know that permanent hair color changes the hair’s natural pigment chemically and won’t wash out. Permanent hair color has to grow out or be chemically removed, while a demi-permanent product is designed to deposit color while never lifting (also called lightening) the hair color. Demi-permanent is popular for gray coverage. For a deeper look at the differences between permanent and demi-permanent hair color, check out our Formula 411, a Quick Guide to Hair Color Formulas.
Hair gloss falls into the semi-permanent category of hair color and it has multiple benefits for your hair.

What Is Hair Gloss?

What Is Hair Gloss?

Hair gloss is a semi-permanent creme hair color that is available in many shades as well as clear. Like its name implies, hair gloss is designed to add shine to any hair type. It’s the product to choose when you want your hair to look healthy and beautiful without a lot of fuss or hassle. Hair gloss is easy to use, and like other semi-permanent creme hair colors, it won’t lighten the color of your hair. It’s a deposit-only product that’s non-oxidative and non-damaging, meaning it won’t cause drying or make your hair feel brittle.


Hair gloss shades even have the ability for minimal to moderate gray coverage. Hair gloss is not a glaze. Both gloss and glaze are temporary, glaze does not deposit any color. It just sits on the strands unlike the gloss that deposits tint along with the shine.


What Is Hair Gloss?

Benefits of Using Hair Gloss

While permanent hair color opens the shaft, removes the natural pigments, and adds new color, semi-permanent works more like a stain. Hair that’s already been treated with permanent hair color often is more receptive to hair gloss, allowing the gloss product to work to its fullest effect. If you have porous hair, hair gloss is an excellent choice because your hair will accept and absorb the gloss effortlessly and you’ll enjoy a shine that can last longer than someone with less porous strands. This can mean less frequent color treatments.


Other benefits of using hair gloss include but are not limited to:

  • Colored hair gloss can deepen and/or darken your natural shades
  • Helps to maintain color treated hair longer
  • Refreshes highlighted hair, especially faded tips reducing frequency of touch-ups
  • Helps neutralize brassiness or yellowness
  • Gives hair outstanding shine while adding smoothness

What Is Hair Gloss?

Using Clear Hair Gloss for Hair Health

Clear hair gloss offers many benefits for your hair. Not only does it intensify the shine, but ion™ Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Creme Hair Color Clear Shine hair gloss also works to increase and boost your hair’s overall health. Remember, healthy hair equals beautiful hair.


Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Hair Color: Clear Shine is a hair gloss that can be used immediately after treatments like perming or relaxing and even is ideal for blending grays or subtle color enhancements. This ion™ product contains no ammonia, no peroxide, and always is non-damaging for your color treated hair.

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