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Should I Use A Hair Color Intensifier?

Intense, dramatic, and bold continue to be on-trend for today’s hair color. When you’re looking to make a splash with bright, beautiful color, a hair color intensifier can make all the difference. For stunning dark purple hair, a color intensifier is essential.

Should I Use A Hair Color Intensifier?

What is Hair Color Intensifier?

Hair color intensifier is an additive for permanent and demi permanent hair color that’s available in a variety of colors, including violet, hot red, and ash.

Should I Use A Hair Color Intensifier?

How Hair Color Intensifier Works

A hair color intensifier works to deepen the color — it’ll take your dark purple hair to the next level, creating that look you’ve always wanted. Because it’s a concentrated form and pure pigment, hair color intensifiers make an impact. The key is to remember that this type of product is concentrated so a little goes a long way.

For a deep indigo purple, you may opt to use an ash color intensifier, while hot red may give you a more burgundy purple. However, for the richest deep purple hair color go for a violet intensifier.

A color intensifier is added to the current formula you are using. About a half-ounce of color intensifier will brighten and add richness to your color. For just a boost, use about one-eighth (1/8) to one-quarter (1/4) of an ounce added to two-ounces of ion™ Color Brilliance™ Demi-Permanent or Permanent Crème.

Pro Tip: When applying any hair color product, always wear gloves and apply the color mixture to dry hair. When retouching, apply to new growth (hair at the scalp).

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