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Transition to Gray Hair with More Gray!

Are you tired of fighting the battle against your graying hair? If so, then it might be time to embrace your graying hair and let it do its thing! These days, gray hair has actually become quite trendy. And when done properly, you can softly transition into going fully gray in a way that’s comfortable for you. We’ve got some tips to make the process easier and make sure you’re well prepared for the transition to gray hair.

Transition to Gray Hair with More Gray!

Prepare for a Gradual Transition

First of all, once you’ve decided to let your hair go gray and stop trying it fight it, it’s important that you understand this won’t be an overnight transition. For most women, it takes between a year and a year-and-a-half to make the full transition to gray hair. This can vary a bit depending on how quickly your hair grows and how rapidly your hair is turning gray, so just keep this in mind before you embark on this little journey.

Transition to Gray Hair with More Gray!

Use Strategic Color Along the Way

There doesn’t have to be a period of awkward hair as you make the transition to gray hair. You simply need to understand what steps to take to make the transition as gradual and natural as possible. For example, if you’re used to coloring your hair to cover the grays every couple months, now is the time to stop doing that. Instead of covering up the grays completely, begin the transition by leaving some strategically placed strands of gray throughout your hair (this works best with lighter-colored hair). You can also apply a demi permanent color mixed 1:1 for a few applications and then transition to a 1:2 ratio for a few more applications before ending with a semi permanent color so that the line of demarcation from permanent color is further down the hairline. You may also want to consider adding some lowlights to help strike a balance of color.

As your gray hair continues to grow out, you may also want to consider adding some highlights throughout. You can start with lots of highlights and gradually let the gray take over.

Transition to Gray Hair with More Gray!

Consider Cutting Off Some Length

One of the most awkward parts of the transition to gray hair is when your roots are gray but the gray hasn’t yet reached to the end of the strand. When this happens, the best thing you can do is to cut your hair off at the point where most of the gray ends. Some may not be comfortable with this, as it might mean chopping off a lot of hair. Only do what you’re comfortable with! This might mean cutting off just a few inches each time, and that’s okay. Eventually, you’ll get to a point where the majority of your hair is gray and you’ll need just one final haircut to finalize the total transition!

Transition to Gray Hair with More Gray!

Change Your Makeup Routine

Understand that once you’ve gone gray, it’s also a good idea to re-evaluate your makeup routine. For some women, one’s existing makeup routine may simply not complement the new hair color well, so it might be time to switch things up a bit. Try to have some fun with it! Changing up a makeup routine you’ve been using for years can be a bit intimidating, but it’s also a great opportunity to experiment with new ideas and techniques. You just might find something you love.

Generally, women who have recently gone gray or who are in the process of going gray need to switch to warmer makeup tones, such as peaches and and pinks. This provides flattering contrast against the cooler tones of the gray hair. However, this can also vary depending on your skin tone.

Transition to Gray Hair with More Gray!

Invest in the Right Hair Products

Last but certainly not least, understand that gray hair is generally finer and more brittle, so you’ll also need to take extra measures to protect it against damage. By using products that are specifically designed to restore youth to your hair, you can help protect it . Specifically, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a quality conditioner daily to help your hair retain moisture and avoid breakage. You may even want to complete a deep conditioning treatment once every week or two to keep it looking and feeling its best. This will help maintain shine and bounce.

Making the decision to transition to gray hair isn’t always easy, but with today’s trends towards gray hair, this decision should be less daunting than it was in previous years. And remember, once you’ve gone gray, you can stop the frustrating battle of trying to pluck those gray hairs or color over them every few weeks!

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