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Top Professional Hair Color Supplies

If you are a DIY beauty enthusiast, we can help you play with your look without you paying a hefty price to do it. We know you’re busy, so we want to make sure our tips and tools are something that are helpful, convenient and that easily fit your life. That’s why our professional-quality products and tools are geared towards helping you change up your look and your style within the convenience of your own home.

Want to refresh your hair color? Want to change it up altogether? Take a look at our top professional hair color supplies, including:

Top Professional Hair Color Supplies

Fresh, brilliant colors


We offer hair color in contemporary (non-traditional colors like brilliant magenta, mint, and shark blue), semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. If you are interested in DIY temporary hair color, Ion has everything you could hope for – and then some!




Top Professional Hair Color Supplies

Lighteners and color supplements

Our lighteners are ammonia-free and formulated with moisture-rich silk protein, and our color supplements include anything you could need for before, during and after the at-home hair color process, including sensitive scalp solutions, a pre-color treatment to ensure even color, after color treatments, a stain remover and a stain barrier creme.

Top Professional Hair Color Supplies

Hair coloring tools

Our salon-quality hair coloring tools are designed so you can easily and accurately apply hair color. We have everything you need for at-home hair color, including bowls, brushes, durable applicator bottles, professional foils, Ion Color solutions, and more.

Top Professional Hair Color Supplies

Hair curlers and straighteners

Our hair curlers and straighteners are top-quality, built to provide maximum curl retention, even heat distribution and snag-free styling to keep your hair protected from damage. With adjustable temperature control, our tools can be used on all types of hair, even fine or coarse hair textures. We love the convenience and reliability of our Ion One Stroke Volumizing Iron, which allows you to achieve all types of hair styling (straightening, curling, lifting and flipping) with unmatched heat to get easy, instant volume.

Ion at Home is a total experience. With our Ion Color Coder, we guide you to find the perfect hair color for your needs. With our inspiration-packed blog, you’ll find guides for at-home hair color, tips for spending time with family and friends, budget tricks and lots of DIY beauty tutorials. As always, share your experience with your Ion products using #ionathome, and keep us bookmarked for daily inspiration!

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