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Top Hair Tools of 2015

When it comes to hair care some tools are good; some tools you just can’t live without. We’re dedicated to providing the top professional hair care supplies you can’t live without, and to do that, we stay on top of every hair care and hair coloring need you may have. Below is a list of products that wowed us during 2015:

Top Hair Tools of 2015

Temperature-controlled Titanium Curling Irons and Straighteners

Fine and coarse hair can handle different levels of heat and it is important to have a way to control that while avoiding damaging your hair. Our curling and straightening tools ensure even heat protection and come with automatic shutoff features for safety. Additionally, we make sure each Ion curling iron and straightener provides quick heat recovery for precise and effortless styling.

Top Hair Tools of 2015

Wooden Brushes

This style of brush is not a newcomer – it’s been around for quite some time – but it’s a time-tested favorite. Why? It does the job right, even with thick and wavy hair. Look for a brush with bristles that penetrate hair easily, such as the Ion Golden Wood Paddle Brush, that will also help distribute your hair’s natural oils. You want a brush with Ionic bristles that help keep your hair naturally shiny and strong – you never want a brush that pulls or damages your hair. Another benefit? Wooden brushes also help absorb moisture in your hair, resulting in less drying time when used with a blow dryer.

Top Hair Tools of 2015

Anti-Frizz Tools

If you’ve ever lived with static-prone hair, anti-frizz solutions can change your life. One of our favorite anti-frizz tools is the Ion Anti-Frizz Cutting Comb, which is designed to reduce frizz while, at the same time, helps to restore a natural sheen. This comb works without excess trauma to the hair and scalp. It has both wide and narrow teeth and is a professional quality piece to keep in your home beauty kit.

Top Hair Tools of 2015

Professional Accessories

No time to head to the salon? Not a worry. Ion has plenty of professional hair accessories to help you achieve salon-worthy looks in the comfort of your own home. We love that in 2015, you can color your own hair at home, style your own hair at home and take excellent care of your hair – at home! Be sure to check out our line of top-grade, professional hair solutions.

Our top picks for 2015 deliver quality with every single use. If you are a DIY beauty enthusiast, these items are must haves! Be sure to follow our blog for more DIY beauty tips and tricks!

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