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Our Top 3 Reasons on Why We Love Temporary Hair Color Spray

Anyone who loves to experiment with their hair color–changing it up frequently and going bold–can benefit from temporary hair color. If you love fashionable, contemporary colors and staying on trend is important to you, then temporary hair color spray in the form of tints may be the perfect solution. Temporary hair color tints can be found in various forms including cream, gel, or sprays and in all shades — from pink to purple and brilliant blues and greens.

Our Top 3 Reasons on Why We Love Temporary Hair Color Spray

What is Temporary Color?

Temporary color does not cause permanent change to the hair. The color never penetrates  the hair’s cortex. Instead, temporary color simply sits along the shaft, allowing it to fade and wash out after shampooing.

The new ion™ Brights Airbrush Tints take temporary to the next level, making the application of bold, brilliant color easy, quick, and commitment free. ion™  Brights Airbrush Tints provide instant and vibrant color in a range of all your favorite contemporary colors. This unique temporary color that features an aerosol application, requires no pre-lightening treatment and washes out in one or two shampoos. It’s that easy!

Our Top 3 Reasons on Why We Love Temporary Hair Color Spray

Top Reasons to Try Temporary Hair Color Spray

If you’ve always envied your friend who changes her hair color frequently, temporary hair tint is an ideal solution. With a temporary hairspray style tint you can try a fun new hair color without making a full commitment. Try a few blue peek-a-boo streaks to see how they stand out in your medium brown hair. If the blue doesn’t feel right, wash it out and try a vivid red to coordinate with your favorite hand bag.

When work or other commitments restrict how bold you can go with your hair color, a temporary tint is perfect for a bit of fun on a day off. Go ahead, spray on pink tips to your blond locks and stand out in the crowd when out running errands on the weekend.

Temporary hair color works great when you need to change your look drastically for just one night or a special occasion like Halloween. It’s extremely quick and easy to apply. Simply add the color after styling your hair, utilizing the temporary tint as a finishing touch.

For anyone nervous about applying hair color at home, ion™ Brights Airbrush Tints are ideal. If you’ve ever applied hairspray with an aerosol, you can apply this color. The spray mist provides even color, whether opting for all-over color or a directed application, like colored tips or bangs. For the best results, apply to styled hair.

Pro Tip: All color treated and heat styled hair needs special care to keep it looking and feeling healthy. Try products like heat protection spray (use before heat styling) and leave-in treatments like Repair Solutions BB Cream to restore hair health and mend breakage.

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