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Tips for Maintaining Your Black or Dark Brunette Hair

Whether your hair hangs in chocolate curls or you rock an ombre hair color for brunettes, your dark locks beg for special maintenance and care. The biggest enemy of dark hair is when it begins to fade! Colored hair, from shades of golden brown to sleek inky black, faces several challenges in the never-ending quest to keep each tress looking fresh in between colorings. Check out our four most important tips for maintaining your brunette hair color:

Tips for Maintaining Your Black or Dark Brunette Hair

Avoid daily washing

Before you freak out about not washing your hair daily, stop and think about it. We know that even with the best products, frequent washing can strip hair of its natural oils that are essential for maintaining softness – this is due to multiple factors, such as poor water quality or not using quality hair products. Excessive hair washing of color treated brunette or black hair not only dries out the hair, but it can lead to fading, as well.

The solution: Wash your colored hair every other day or every third day. Use a shampoo and moisture solution formulated specifically for color-treated hair. You want a product that will nourish the hair, helping the hair hold its color longer. If your hair needs freshening in between washings, use a dry shampoo.

Tips for Maintaining Your Black or Dark Brunette Hair

Choose the right hair products

Your gorgeous brunette hair deserves quality hair products that won’t dry, fade or otherwise damage your color. Choose products that won’t strip hair of moisture and that won’t dull the color. Ion’s Color Defense Preserving Masque is formulated to deeply hydrated color-treated hair, and is paraben-free.

Tips for Maintaining Your Black or Dark Brunette Hair

Use tools that protect hair against heat!

Curling irons, flat irons, tongs, blow dryers — all fantastic beauty tools that can help you create stunning styles and allow you to change your look depending on the day or even your mood. However, each of these products have one thing in common: hair-damaging heat! If you want to maintain the rich hues of your dark mahogany hair, try a styling tool such as Ion’s I-Fusion Flat Iron that features a restorative infusion vapor to prevent damage to hair.

Tips for Maintaining Your Black or Dark Brunette Hair

Protect your hair

You wouldn’t think of spending a day in the sun without a decent SPF. So, why are you exposing your color treated brunette or black hair to those damaging UV rays? UV rays can not only dry out hair, but they can cause color to fade. Sun exposure can make the reddish hues in brunette hair appear brassy. Solutions to sun-fade are to simply not expose your color treated hair to harsh UV rays daily or for any extended period. If you’re going to spend a day in the sun, wear a hat.

If your hair has become dull from increased sun exposure or frequent washings, work in some shine with a rich shine product such as Ion’s Color Defense Dual Phase Shine Spray.

Rich black or brunette tones are not difficult to maintain. With a few simple tricks, you can easily have shiny, long-lasting color. Take a look at our blog for more DIY hair color and healthy hair tricks!

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