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Tips for Maintaining Red Hair

Regardless of whether your have naturally red hair, naturally strawberry blonde hair, or if you color your hair a shade of red, red hair requires a few upkeep tricks to keep it vibrant and strong. Below are a few of our favorite red hair color tips to help keep your red hair hydrated, shiny and beautiful all year long:

Maintaining Natural Red Hair

Even if your hair is naturally red, it still needs special care and maintenance to keep it looking vivacious. Otherwise, even a natural red hair color can fade over time. Like any shade of hair, red hair can get dry very easily. It’s beneficial to have to have a moisturizing routine that’s followed regularly. Using a leave-in conditioner daily can be a great way to keep red hair vibrant and shiny. Another way to add moisture and shine? Try our Ion Color Defense Dual Phase Shine Spray.

In addition to keeping natural red hair well moisturized, it’s also important for redheads to care for their color. The best way to do this is to simply protect red hair from damaging elements, such as the sun, which can lighten hair and make it appear washed out. Try to stay away from the sun or wear a hat or scarf over hair on very sunny days to help protect it from the sun’s rays.

Maintaining Colored Red Hair

What about those who have chosen to color their hair red? Or, if you’re choosing to go red, be sure to follow our best DIY hair color tips, and follow the advice below to maintain your rich shade. How can you better maintain the color and get it to last longer? For starters, try washing it less. To make it last and to keep it looking as vibrant as possible, consider making the switch to a cleansing conditioner that doesn’t have the harsh chemicals that traditional shampoo does.

For example, the Ion Extreme Cleansing Conditioner is a great option; simply leave in for 3-5 minutes while showering, and rinse before styling as usual. This gentle conditioner will leave your hair feeling clean without stripping your hair of natural oils or color.

In addition to using a cleansing conditioner in place of shampoo, those who have colored their hair red can also preserve the color by using a color preserving treatment regularly. Ion’s Color Defense Preserving Hair Masque can be applied to hair once a week and left on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing; this will help to prolong the life of hair color that would otherwise fade quickly. Do you have strawberry blonde or lighter red hair and are looking to avoid brassiness? Ion’s Color Defense Weekly Blonde Boosting Treatment keeps hair soft, healthy and fresh.

Finally, those who have colored their hair red should take all the additional precautions that women with naturally red hair need to follow. This includes reducing exposure to sun, which can easily fade red hair color and make it look dull over time. Furthermore, keeping colored hair moisturized is a must to help avoid dryness and breakage, so investing in a quality leave-in conditioner that can be used daily is a must. This way, even colored red hair can stay its most vibrant for many weeks before it needs to be colored again.

Red hair is bold and stunning. At the same time, however, it does require a fair amount of care and maintenance! Whether you’re a natural redhead or are thinking about coloring your hair red in the near future, it’s important to take the above measures to keep your red hair looking its best at all times.

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