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Tips for Blow Drying Hair

Who doesn’t enjoy sitting in the salon chair, leaving the blow-out to the professionals? While it’s fun to be pampered every few weeks at the salon, it’s the day-to-day styling done at home that creates the look we share with the world and makes the impression at work, school and to ourselves when we look in the mirror.  

Guess what? You can blow dry your hair like a pro at home, every day. We’ve put together a list of the best professional tips for blow drying hair of all types at home. And it all begins with the right tools.

Tips for Blow Drying Hair

Type of Hair Dryers


The number one best tip for blow drying hair into a perfect style is to start with a great hair dryer. With the right hair dryer, you’ll enjoy quick and easy styling every day from home. The trick is to opt for a hair dryer that features innovative functions and relevant technology to deliver the ultimate blow drying experience daily.



A hair dryer with ionic technology uses negative ions. The negative ions work to divide the water particles into smaller bits, which allows for faster evaporation. Faster evaporation = faster drying time and less frying. Combining an ionic hair dryer with a conditioning agent can help the styling product work more efficiently, resulting in healthy, shiny and smooth hair.


Tourmaline combined with ionic technology offers a fast, efficient hair drying experience that can result in healthier, shiny hair. Tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral often used in jewelry, but when heated it creates negative ions. When crushed into a fine powder and used in the crafting of hair dryer components, it can help maximize the generation of negative ions. This helps close the hair’s cuticle layer, which creates a luxurious smoothing effect. A tourmaline-ionic hair dryer offers significantly decreased drying times.



Typically made from clay, one of the main benefits of using ceramic is its ability to heat quickly and evenly. Ceramic materials may be used inside the dryer‘s heating element, in its body or even as a coating on various internal components. It can be combined with ionic technology or with both ionic and tourmaline for the ultimate blow drying experience.


A Professional Ionic-Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer not only emits millions of negative ions to break down water particles for faster drying and less damage, but the infrared heat dries hair from the inside out for better moisture retention. Using a blow dryer that combines these technologies is ideal for everyday, leaving hair healthier with less frizz and maximum shine. Some blow dryers even include an ionic dryer that can be switched on and off.

Tips for Blow Drying Hair

Everyday Tips for Blow Drying Hair

Regardless of your hair type or length, certain tips can help make your blow drying experience better.

  • Avoid blow drying sopping wet hair. Towel-dry or fingertip dry your hair at least 50- to 60-percent dry before reaching for the blow dryer.
  • Apply products correctly. Dab it, don’t dump it. Less is often best when applying styling products. Apply volume builder at the roots and  heat styling cream evenly throughout the hair to protect and improve hair health.
  • Start in the right place. When blow drying, start at the roots and roll your brush down to the ends. Aim the heat at the roots, working your way to the middling area of the hair. This helps minimize the amount of heat exposure the ends suffer, reducing the risk of splitting and damage.

Tips for Blow Drying Hair

Blow Drying Short Hair

Towel dry your short hair and spray with a protective heat-styling product. For fine hair, opt for a volumizer and work it in beginning at the roots. To blow dry, begin in the back working the hair with a flat brush, sweeping it forward and aiming the heat at the roots and just below the roots. Repeat this procedure on the sides. You may opt to clip the hair’s top section to keep it out of the way.

Un-clip the top section if needed and begin drying your bangs. If you prefer a bit of a rounded bang, switch to a large, rounded brush. Work your way back to the crown until the full top section is dry. For a piece-y look, finish by working pomade through the style for great shine with a flexible hold.

Tips for Blow Drying Hair

Blow Drying Medium-length Hair


The process begins the same—towel dry and treat with a leave-in conditioner or other protective heat-styling product. Be sure to treat the ends to help protect from splitting. A large, round brush works great with medium-length hair, especially for blow drying your bangs to perfection. Begin at the roots and gently roll the brush down to the ends aiming the heat towards the roots. For the sides, begin drying without the brush until it’s about 80-percent dry. Then grab the round brush again and use it to finish the side drying before repeating this process in the back and at the top.

Tip: If you opt to flip your hair over (holding your head down so it’s easy to dry underneath), the result with be a more puffy look. Avoid flipping your hair over during drying if you prefer a sleek look.

Tips for Blow Drying Hair

Blow Drying Long Hair


When towel-drying long hair, avoid vigorous rubbing of the ends to help minimize cracking. Wet hair can suffer damage quickly. Fingertip drying for long hair is a must before turning on the blow dryer. Another must is using a protective heat-styling product to reduce the risk of frizzing, split ends and other damage. Begin drying your hair using only your fingertips (no brush) until it’s about 90-percent dry.

To finish your look, clip the top sections and begin at the back with the blow drying and a large, round brush. Aim the heat at the roots and gently roll the brush down to create a smooth look. For a loose ringlet, rotate your wrist while the hair is wound around the brush. Heat it until it’s dry and gently unwind the hair from the brush to form the ringlet. Repeat either the smooth or ringlet process around the back and sides. Un-clip the top section and fingertip style while hitting it one more time with the heat. Add your favorite finishing product.

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