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Throwback Thursday: Favorite Looks from the 90’s

The 90’s! The decade when Madonna wore her infamous cone bra and the girls of “Beverly Hills, 90210” made baby doll dresses a must-have fashion for anyone under the age of 25. There was grunge and Kurt Cobain, Will Smith was the Fresh Prince and Alicia Silverstone was “Clueless.” Looks from the 90’s definitely took their inspiration from celebrities and the era’s pop culture.


In the 90’s we tortured our hair with a style known as crimping. With a styling tool called a crimper, the hair was heated and “crimped” into tight waves that often looked like our head had been electrocuted. Waves are still hot today, but the look is more sophisticated and less fussy. Think casual beach waves; gentle cascading tresses that look slightly tousled while still appearing chic and stylish.

Check out our tips for how to get perfect beach waves for a modern look that’s perfect for work or play.


The scrunchy (or scrunchie) was a hair accessory that transitioned from the 80’s into the 90’s. It remain popular largely due to 90’s teen TV stars like Candace Cameron, Melissa Joan Hart and Jennie Garth who wore their hair pulled back into their fabric scrunchies creating a high pony distinctive of that time.

You can still have your pony tail, but it’s time to lower the pony and ditch the scrunchy. For a sleek, frizz-free pony use a ceramic paddle-style brush that will help reduce split ends and eliminate frizz.

Butterfly Clips and Other Hair Jewelry

Tiny little plastic clips shaped like butterflies were a kitschy but popular 90’s look. The hair was pulled back from the face and secured by not just one or two of these little plastic gems, but typically by several so it looked as if you had a flock of butterflies nesting on your head.

90’s icon Drew Barrymore consistently wowed with her unique style that included hair accessories —  often daisies and other floral or nature-inspired pieces. Danielle Fishel, Topanga from “Boy Meets World” pulled her massive mane back with hair jewelry, inspiring young girls to copy her look.

Butterfly clips have had their day (fortunately!) Today, many formal hair accessories take their inspiration from the 1920’s and the Gatsby era  — jeweled headbands wore closer and even across the forehead. Look for elegant clips with nature-inspired shapes and beaded or jeweled chains to elevate your evening look.

Pigtails and Little Girl Braids

The Spice Girls and Britney Spears rocked the 90’s with their musical sound and fashion styles. Baby Spice inspired the cutesy look with two pigtails pulled up high while the rest of the hair hung loose. In her 1999 video for “Baby One More Time”, Britney Spears turned heads with her schoolgirl outfit and little girl braids.

Today, braids are trendy but more sophisticated than Britney’s 90’s look. Try a stunning fishtail or mermaid braid, worn to the side as a modern look that goes from office to dinner with friends effortlessly.

The Rachel

The television show “Friends” was one of the biggest comedy hits of the 90’s. Jennifer Aniston’s signature layered shag hairstyle quickly became known as The Rachel and woman across the country flocked to stylists asking for this cut. Originally created by stylist Chris McMillan, it featured multiple layers that fell in piece-y waves into a blunt cut that hit at the collarbone. It was sexy, flirty and the ultimate 90’s hairstyle.

The Rachel can be updated for today by opting for longer layers worn in waves instead of the piece-y look. To get maximum volume in your waves try Ion Volume Builder for soft, touchable waves that look as soft as they feel.

The 90’s was a decade with many distinctive looks. Other mention-worthy looks from the 90’s include the flipped bob, bandanas, the 2-strands (hair that hung along the face) with hair pulled back into a pony and the top knots that were seen on stars like Gwen Stefani.

What type of 90’s hair did you rock?

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