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The Truth Behind Common Hair Myths

Whether you are sporting a super-short pixie cut or long blown-out curls, a big part of your beauty routine probably comes from long-held wisdom about how to care for hair. But, how what is follicle fact and fiction?  Much is what you think you know about keeping hair healthy and looking great is actually just tall tales. Here’s the scoop on the ten biggest hair myths.

Plucking gray hair leads to more grays 

Spotting a gray hair staring back at you in the mirror is sure to make you want to pluck it out. But, the myth warns against that instinct and says that two more grays will pop up in its place. While that’s not true, the one hair that does continue to grow from that follicle will probably still be silver. Plus, plucking can lead to bald spots. Instead of removing grays, a safer, and longer lasting bet is to cover them with permanent hair color.

For clean hair, lather, rinse and repeat

This myth is splashed across early every shampoo bottle, but there’s no need to suds up more than once. Washing more than once can strip essential oils from your hair and scalp and leave with you with dry, brittle strands instead of the flowing locks you are hoping for.

For shiny hair, wash with cold water

Contrary to this popular myth, showering with cold water won’t give your glossier locks.  However, hot water does strip away more of the natural oils that can give your hair a shine boost. Instead of shivering in the shower, opt for warm water and use a good conditioner or an oil treatment to amp up your shine.

Always using the same shampoo will cause it to stop working

It’s actually a great idea to be in a monogamous relationship with your shampoo. There’s no reason that a shampoo wouldn’t be as effective the longer you use it. However, styling products and shampoo and conditioner residue can build up over time. To remove the buildup, wash once with a clarifying shampoo and then go back to your old faithful.

Trim your hair often to make it grow faster

Sadly, if you are trying to grow out your hair, you can’t rush it along with frequent trims. Hair grows about a half-inch each month, depending on the person. However, that’s no reason to cancel your appointment with your stylist. Trims get rid of split ends and leave hair looking healthier, no matter the length.

The right products can repair split ends

Getting a split end is like cutting a piece of paper.  You can patch it up, but you can never completely fix it. Products can seal ends make together and make them less noticeable, but it’s a temporary fix. Instead, focus on preventing split ends by strengthening the hair shaft.

Fine hair can’t have volume

If you have flat, fine hair, you don’t have to be jealous of styles with lots of volume and body. Instead of leaving hair limp, wash with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner and set hair with hot rollers to give it a bit of movement.

Coloring your hair causes damage

The days of over-processed, fried, color-treated hair are long gone. Today’s high-tech hair colors are extra gentle and contain moisturizing ingredients. In most cases, your hair will actually be healthier and more manageable than before you colored it, so there’s no reason not to try out that new shade.

For sleek, shiny hair, brush it 100 times a day

Who has time for this myth anyway? Long brushing sessions won’t improve the look of your hair and can actually pull out and break strands and weaken hair shafts. Instead, brush just enough to detangle and style your hair.

The more sudsy the shampoo the cleaner your hair will be

A big, foamy cap of shampoo lather does not actually indicate clean hair. Suds are the result of sulfate, a common ingredient in shampoo.  Unfortunately, sulfate doesn’t provide any cleaning advantage and can also strip color away.  Sulfate-free shampoo can get hair just as clean without robbing you of your favorite hue.

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