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The Perfect Look for Your Inner Mermaid

For centuries, tales have been told about the mysterious and beautiful sea creatures known as mermaids. It’s time to embrace your inner mermaid to create a unique look that’s fun yet sophisticated and chic. From head to toe, a gorgeous mermaid-inspired look can be created with the right mermaid color hair, makeup, jewelry and more.

How to Get Mermaid Hair

The true mermaid look has to begin with the hair. For the ultimate mermaid hairstyle, think long cascading waves and don’t be afraid to go for color. Mermaid color hair in shades of blue and green can be accented with icy platinum streaks or even strands of deep purple to represent the darker ocean depths.

Coloring Tip: Before coloring your hair any shade of blue or other Brilliance shades, remember that you’ll need to pre-lighten the hair if it isn’t already platinum or the very lightest blonde.

The columbré method for coloring in shades like blue, green and purple is ideal for mermaid hair. For step-by-step instructions and how to DIY columbré-style mermaid hair, check out our tutorial here.

Pair different shades of color to create gorgeous ocean-inspired mermaid hair. Ion Color Brilliance hair color is ideal for mermaid hair. Consider pairing aqua and azure with chartreuse or shark blue with mint and sky blue. Cyan is another great mermaid color and looks stunning with orchid and flamingo.

Styling Mermaid Hair

You can leave your mermaid-color tresses in loose waves or pull the bulk of your hair back into a fishtail braid, leaving tendrils to frame your face. Why not try a mermaid braid? The mermaid braid is simple but elegantly beautiful and reminiscent of the fishtail. It’s actually a variation of a French braid, so if you can create a French braid, you can do a mermaid braid.

  • Create a deep part on one side and pull all your hair to that side.
  • On the side with more hair, about 2/3 of the way back, take a two-inch section and divide this section into three equal pieces (it’ll look like you’re creating a braid down the side of your head).
  • Begin a regular braid with those three pieces.
  • Start the second crossover, but as you cross the back strand over the middle one, add another narrow section from the back behind the braid.
  • Cross your front strand over the back one, adding in another narrow section, this time from in front of the braid.
  • Continue this process until you’ve created a wide, flat braid shaped like a mermaid’s tail.

Mermaid-inspired Makeup

Like mermaid color hair, mermaid-inspired makeup focuses on colors like blue, green, purple and gold for shimmering highlights. Try shades of sea blue and navy accented with white liner and frosty silver accents near the brow for a beautiful eye that’s inspired by the mermaid and her sea. Add a touch of green near the inner corner and blend it into the blues to capture the color blends seen in the ocean. Don’t be afraid to add pinks — think coral.

Jewelry and Accessories for Mermaid Look

When embracing your inner mermaid, look for jewelry and accessories in natural materials such as sea glass set in silver for a pendant or even as earrings or a statement ring. Accessories with pearls of any color also are ideal for the mermaid look. Look for slave-style bracelets with abalone that changes color as it reflects the light. For something unique, check out the different options available through artisans at Etsy.

There are many ways to capture the mermaid look, some subtle and others a bit more bold. Have fun with the look and never be afraid to try different hair colors to create your perfect, unique style.

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