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“The Ion Color Coder” – Learn How to Choose Your Shade

If you think a hair stylist is the only one who can give you funky hair colors like fuchsia and lavender, you are wrong. Ion can help you achieve any color from the comfort of your own bathroom – even before you’ve chosen the hair color you want.

Ion Color Coder

Let’s talk about how to choose the right hair color. There is a lot to take into consideration. The undertones of your skin, for example. This process is not only for makeup – it pertains to hair color in much the same way. How about your eye color? And you can’t forget your natural hair color! How your natural hair color reacts to color is a huge part of the process. Whether you are lightening your hair, covering grays, or darkening your hair, your natural color plays a big part in the outcome. But, there is a simple way to choose the color you want.

Ion makes it easy. Our Ion Color Coder is simple to use and allows you to make decisions based on key questions. The first set of questions asks what you want to do with your hair. From there, we take you through a set of steps to help you match your natural hair color, determine if and/or how much gray you want to cover, and what spectrum you want to stay on – cool or warm. Make sure you pay attention to our expert hair coloring tips along the way!

The Color Coder is meant to be guide you to the perfect at-home hair color formula. We’ll show you what coloring to each level lighter or darker than your hair color will look like through comprehensive results and tips that will guide the entire at-home hair coloring process. We’ll also tell you much maintenance to expect, as well as a touch-up schedule.

Fabulous color that suits you is possible at home. Play with our Ion Color Coder to determine what color you would like to try, and give it a go!

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