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The Essentials for Hair Tools Organization

A hot curling or flat iron left to cool on the side of the sink is a burn waiting to happen. It’s a singe to the hand as you brush into it reaching for a makeup bag or it’s bumped and the hot iron falls on your bare foot. Ouch!

A hair tool organizer keeps hot hair tools safely away from your skin and stored neatly so cords don’t become twisted and tangled.

How to Organize Hair Tools

One of the easiest ways to organize your hot hair tools is with a salon-style appliance holder. These items typically have two or three designated spaces ideal for a hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron. Some models also feature an extension outlet as well. These holders mount on the wall or along the side of a vanity. However, there are other ways to keep your hair tools and hair products neat and organized for just a fraction of the cost.

The Essentials for Hair Tools Organization

Removable Wall Hooks

Removable wall hooks are one of the greatest inventions! They’re super easy to install (no tools needed!), they leave no holes or marks after removal and they’re fairly cheap. Removable wall hooks come in several sizes, shapes and even colors. Place two or three along the inside of your vanity cabinet door and hang your hair dryer or styling irons from these hooks.

The Essentials for Hair Tools Organization

Wire/Mesh File Box

Find a wire/mesh hanging file box at the office supply store. Attach and hang it from the side of the vanity or the wall and in an instant you have out-of-the-way storage for hot hair styling tools. It’s not going to be wide enough to fit a diffuser but it’s perfect for a hair dryer or your flat and curling irons.

The Essentials for Hair Tools Organization

Shoe Organizer

The shoe organizer that hangs over the back of a door and has multiple pockets to hold several pairs of shoes is a great way to organize a large collection of hair tools, hair products and other beauty items. Designate a pocket for your large flat hair brush, one for combs and one to hold both the medium ceramic round brush as well as its larger cousin. Store bottles of your favorite finishing products like volume builder, hair spray and more. The shoe pockets also will hold curling and flat irons.

The Essentials for Hair Tools Organization


A single carabiner clip can hold a few dozen elastic hair ties, keeping the ties organized and easy to find when needed.

The Essentials for Hair Tools Organization

Decorative Baskets

You can find inexpensive and decorative baskets made in a variety of materials, from colorful fabrics to plastic and traditional wicker. Line a wicker basket with a material that matches your bathroom or bedroom décor and use it as a place to contain your hair dryer and other styling tools. Consider mounting a basket or two to the wall for space-saving storage — vertical storage removes items from the counter top creating more usable space.

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