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The Best Fall Hair Color For Your Look

The seasons are changing, and so is your style. Your best fall hair color, style and garb is right around the corner, and we’re here to help you prepare. We’re ready to equip you with the tools needed for sleek, classy styles—and we’re no stranger to autumn weather.

The Fall Colors

In fall, anything goes. That said, several hues stick out above the rest. If you’ve checked out some Boosting Blow-dry Spray you’re likely ready for the voluptuous depth capable of pulling off deeper, richer tones. The ‘autumn look’ carries deeper hues, so your fall color analysis should take particular notice of the following colors:

The Best Fall Hair Color For Your Look

Dimensional Blonde

Sun-kissed looks are still popular in fall, so don’t alter your naturally platinum hair. That said, a light brown base is your friend. It’ll complement the environment around you, complimenting your softer tones with rich, leafy additions. Be sure to add heavy lowlights beneath your hair, and focus on lighter facial tones to compliment the shade shift.

The Best Fall Hair Color For Your Look

Deep Cranberry

Deep cranberry is hot this fall. An excellent straight-hair color, deep cranberry is loved by users of Spray Starch and even Multi-Benefit Styling Cream. Don’t worry, the deep cranberry style isn’t too erratic for school or the workplace. In fact, the violet-brown coloration and light tips are perfect for an all-natural yet mysterious creation.

The Best Fall Hair Color For Your Look

Rose Gold

If you’re a natural brunette or dirty blonde, rose gold is a great color shade. Inherently gold before rose brown, the style exemplifies fall’s depth and beauty. Here, well-textured styles show off the color’s true range. Texturing Spray Wax is a good choice, as well as a volume-enhancing straightening session.

The Best Fall Hair Color For Your Look


Caramel colors are rich, warm and traditional, and they’re an awesome fall hair color. Perfect for late fall styles, caramel works well with light and medium skin tones. Be sure to highlight under-areas, too, as your target shade is only achievable with a rich inclusion of depth perception and honey-highlighted designs. Caramel hair is highly complementary to dark-haired individuals, so don’t pass up the opportunity!

The Fall Skin

Where skin is concerned, protecting your face from dry skin is an absolute ‘must.’ Sure, autumn isn’t as frigid as winter, but it’s dry air can damage skin cells, creating an ashy appearance. Remember to moisturize often, and protect your lighter tones with soft makeup applications.

For makeup, itself, medium skin tones will pull off most hairstyles. Most autumn-bound color choices are deep, rich reds, oranges, browns and golds, so soft facial tones will enhance the hairlines starting point—assuming it’s achieved depth perception through highlights and straightening.

Medium and dark complexions, meanwhile show off lighter hair styles wonderfully. However, you’ll need to protect your skin, as damages and dryness will be significantly more visible when paired with a lighter hair style.

Pulling it All Together: The Popular Styles

So, you’ve selected your color, and you’ve stocked up on skincare supplies. When you’ve mastered the basics, it’ll be time to magnify your hair’s stylistic impact. In most cases, fabulous shades are pulled off by a ‘big picture’ style design.

The Best Fall Hair Color For Your Look

The Razor Embrace

If you’re sporting glossy, yet edgy designs this fall, go for messy waves defined by chopped edges. Popularized by Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, messy waves are a new fall favorite. Be sure to texturize your hair’s root volume with Ion Volumizing Root Lift, and take advantage of your curls to pull off the daring look.

The Best Fall Hair Color For Your Look

The Long and Soft

Jennifer Lopez’s flat iron look is in, too, and it’s easily pulled off with an Ion I-Fusion Flat Iron & Ion Silk Drops. While lighter shades highlight the style’s finer points, medium shades work well, too. It’s a no-maintenance look, and it assumes an all-natural approach to autumn’s airiness.

The Best Fall Hair Color For Your Look

The Curly Bob

A great style for any fall color, the curly bob reflects modern fashion’s allure with short, curly hair. A big, fuzzy mess without over-applied product is always a good decision, and a well-advised light-spray session never goes wrong.

September’s buy 1 get 1 50% off of hair care and hair color deal spans across the entire month as well as $10 off any full size ION styling tool, so take advantage of your autumn style toolbox. We’re ready to help you achieve awesome color, great texture and timeless design.

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