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Summer-Proof Your Makeup Routine

Few things are more time-consuming than your morning routine, from spending 30 minutes on makeup and hair to getting the kids ready, making breakfasts and lunches and finally, heading out the door! You don’t want your time wasted (or your makeup ruined) by stepping out into the sweltering heat and sweating off your makeup in a matter of minutes. In the summer, many women face this issue. Fortunately, with just a few tweaks to your daily makeup routine, as well as a few DIY beauty products, you can sweat-proof your makeup and look your best, even on the hottest of days.

Keep Your Hair Oil-Free

When it’s hot out, a lot of women (especially those with thicker hair) begin sweating at the scalp, resulting in oily hair that can ruin your hairstyle and your eye makeup. The best way to stay cool is to have a plan of action for when your head starts to sweat. If you’re wearing your hair down, consider pinning it into a cute updo that will leave your head feeling lighter and less prone to sweat. Also, carry around some small tissues or handkerchiefs in your purse so you can blot sweat away from your hairline as needed.

Invest in the Right Mascara

The last thing you want on a hot day is to sweat so much that your eye makeup begins to run. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to make the switch to a waterproof or weather-proof mascara. These are formulated to hold for the entire day, even if you’re sweating or swimming. Just make sure that, if you switch to a waterproof mascara, that you also keep some makeup remover wipes on-hand, as this type of mascara can be very difficult to remove with just regular soap and water.

Start With a Primer

On extra hot and/or humid days, instead of starting your makeup routine by applying a foundation, consider starting off with a primer. Primers are specifically formulated to be long-lasting, even though they’re a lot thicker and can be difficult to apply and blend in. By starting with a primer, you’ll be “setting the stage” to ensure that the rest of your makeup lasts throughout the day, even if it’s hot. Just make sure that the primer you choose is a good match with the rest of your makeup, including foundation and powder. This will help you achieve the most natural look.

Keep Powder On-Hand

After a long and hot day, many women deal with shiny spots on the face, which can be frustrating. Try to keep some powder and a brush on-hand for quick touch ups that will get rid of the appearance of shiny or oily skin. On especially hot days, just take a minute to pull out a mirror and touch up as needed. When shopping for a powder, make sure that it’s formulated as a “long-lasting” one for the best results.

Dampen Your Shadow Brush

If you choose to apply eye shadow on a hot day, try slightly damping your application brush before applying the shadow. This may seem odd, but it’s an effective way to prolong the look of your eye shadow on a hot and humid day. Using a damp brush to apply shadow helps it to stay in place longer because it softly “glazes” it onto your eyelids, rather than simply applying a fine layer of powder that can easily come off.

Looking your best during the sweltering days of summer doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. As you can see, all it takes is a bit of extra care when it comes to your daily makeup routine, along with some great products that are made for hot, sweaty days. Check out our blog for more tips on beauty, makeup and looking and feeling your best at all times!

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