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Quality Beauty at Value Prices

Many people think that quality is synonymous with super expensive, but that is not true. Quality actually relates to the type of materials being used and the care with which the process is administered. Guess what? That means that you can have a quality salon experience in the comfort of your own home—and you’ll be the one who does it! If you are constantly looking for tips for living on a budget for moms, try these ideas below to get quality beauty at value prices.

These are some tricks of the trade that you need to know to give yourself a professional-looking hair experience from the comfort of your own home.

Quality Beauty at Value Prices

Watch the Temperature of your Curling Iron or Flat Iron

To avoid damaging hair, curling irons and flat irons should not go over certain temperatures. When selecting a temperature setting on curling irons or flat irons, it’s important to consider your hair type and length. Ion offers a wide assortment of styling tools that all feature enhanced ionic systems to improve hair’s condition and shine, as well as constant heat to minimize heat damage. We always recommend protecting hair with a treatment solution, such as Ion Heat Protection Spray.


Quality Beauty at Value Prices

Try Not Washing Your Hair Everyday

Washing your hair every day can strip away the natural oils in your hair. Also, depending on the quality of your water, some water can leave calcium or other chemical deposits in you hair, which makes it dull. Most hair textures can be washed every other day, and others can go an entire week without being washed.

Quality Beauty at Value Prices


Leave-in conditioner and moisturizing creme can change the look and feel of your hair drastically. (Try Ion Miracle Leave-In Conditioner for a 2-minute change!) For moisturizing creme, if you use it at night, wrap or braid your hair so the nutrients can sink in.

Quality Beauty at Value Prices

Don’t Be Afraid to Color Your Own Hair

Seriously. It seems like it might be more than you can handle, but you can do it! The trick to properly coloring your hair is to do a strand test first. Take a few strands from your hairbrush and apply the color. See what it does. Is it the color you want? How long did it take to get to that color? Take what you’ve learned and use it when you color the hair on your head. It’s important to note that it is suggested that you wait 2 weeks to color your hair after getting a relaxer or a perm if you are using permanent color. If you are using semi-permanent, you can color your hair on the same day that you relax or perm your hair. For more info, follow our guide for coloring your hair at home!

Maintaining your hair is not as hard as it might seem. Ion has some fantastic tools available to help you get achieve the look you want without spending an arm and a leg—quality beauty at value prices. So go for it! Try your hand at creating new styles and see how each comes out. Be sure to share your experience with us on your social media using #ionathome!

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