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ion™ Anti-Frizz Thermal Vent Brush

The ion™ ion™ic Ceramic Thermal Vent Brush speeds blow-drying while adding body and manageability. Promotes healthier looking hair.

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ion™ Ceramic ion™ic Styling Brushes are treated with Natural ion™ic Energy, an exlusive blend of Tourmaline and Japanese ion™ic-Ceramic minerals. ion™s help control frizz and fly-ways and help to restore natural shine for smoother, healthier looking hair.


The ion™ ion™ic Ceramic Thermal Vent Brush smoothes and silkens hair while retaining heat for added body and manageability. Helps speed blow-drying time and minimizes breakage and split-ends. Infuses moisture into hair while drying and helps control fly-aways.

  • Speeds blow-drying time
    Infuses moisture into hair
    Minimizes breakage

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