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ion™ Color Brilliance™ Permanent Liquid Hair Color 5NN Light Intense Brown

5NN Light Intense Brown

ion™ Color Brilliance™ Permanent Liquid Intense Neutrals have a double dose of pigment to ensure superior gray coverage on hair that is more than 50% gray.

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The ion™ Color Brilliance™ palette consists of four rich, luxurious neutral shades. The advanced ionic technology utilizes pure ionic micro pigments for deep, intense color deposits. ion™ Color Brilliance™ penetrates the cuticle layer of the hair and lodges in the cortex to ensure 100% flawless gray coverage. Permanent hair color is designed for resistant gray over 50%. Enriched with exotic pequi, and argan oil to nourish, strengthen and promote color longevity.

1:1 mixing ratio. Two ounces of color to two ounces of 10, 20, 30 or 40 Volume ion™ Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer. High Lift Blonde series is mixed 1:2 ratio: Two ounces of color to 4 ounces of 30 or 40 Volume ion™ Sensitive Scalp Developer. Bowl and brush application is recommended.

Always read the product packaging and inserts for complete directions, instructions, and warnings, and make sure to perform both the strand test and the patch test before applying your color.

  • 100% fade resistant gray coverage
    Enriched with pequi and argan oil
    Nutrient rich formula
    Low ammonia
    PPD free

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