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ion™ Color Brilliance™ Color Corrector Kit

ion™ Color Brilliance™ Color Corrector Kit removes the permanent hair color, establishing a base to recolor. It will not restore the hair to its original, natural hair color.

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  • Complete kit- includes everything you need for color correction
  • Perfect for all hair types- leaves hair in ideal condition to re-color
  • Easily removes any level of hair color
  • Helps to reduce breakage
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Removes dark tint, unwanted dark spots, and color build up. Helps to remove muddy and drab looking color, which can be the result of too many previous color changes.

    DIRECTIONS/ MIXING: Remove cap on Processing Lotion bottle (part 1). Add Color Remover packet (part 2) and Absolute Perfection vial. Apply applicator cap to Processing Lotion bottle and close tightly. Vigorously shake until product is thoroughly mixed (45 seconds). Using scissors immediately cut off plastic tip on applicator cap. APPLICATION AND DEVELOPMENT TIME: Wearing gloves, apply mixture quickly and evenly to dry hair, starting at the darkest area. Avoid application on uncolored new growth or on hair that has not been previously colored. For darker shades (level 1 black- level 3 dark brown) or intense color build up, process 50 minutes to 1 hour. For medium shades, (level 4 medium brown – level 6 dark blonde) process 20-30 minutes. For lighter shades, (level 7 medium blonde – level 9 very light blonde) process 10-20 minutes. Processing time varies depending on the amount of color absorbed from previous color applications. Black or darker shades may require more than 1 application. If the color removal was uneven, a second application may be necessary only on the darker areas. Processing times noted above are approximate. Strand test to ensure successful results. After processing, rinse thoroughly and lightly shampoo. Dry hair prior to recoloring.

    Always read the product packaging and inserts for complete directions, instructions, and warnings, and make sure to perform both the strand test and the patch test before applying your color.

    • Please see instructions for additional directions and tips. Always perform a strand test and patch test prior to applying all over.

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