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ion™ 9 Row Silicone Brush

The ion 9 Row Silicone Brush is an ergonomically designed hair brush with a unique grip.

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  • For all hair types-- especially long, thick or curly hair
  • Chemical and heat resistant
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • This silicone brush is ideal for detangling, smoothing, and grooming all types of hair -- especially long, thick or curly hair. The durable silicone brush pad and nylon pins are heat and chemical resistant, which make it a great brush for stylists and DIY'ers.

    Use this brush to comb relaxers and/or color through your hair for an even application.

    Always read the product packaging and inserts for complete directions, instructions, and warnings, and make sure to perform both the strand test and the patch test before applying your color.

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