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It’s Possible to Have Low Maintenance Hair Color

Do you enjoy experimenting with your hair color but dislike the damage that can come along with frequent hair coloring treatments? If so, then it may be time to switch from permanent hair color to Semi-Permanent Hair Color —the latter of which is much more gentle on your hair while still delivering rich and vibrant results resulting in low maintenance hair color.

It’s Possible to Have Low Maintenance Hair Color

Refresh Color Without a Permanent Commitment

So, how does semi-permanent creme hair color differ from the at-home color you’re used to using? The main difference is the fact that Semi-Permanent Hair Color deposits directly only to the hair and does not require any mixing with a developing agent. It also doesn’t contain any ammonia, which can be harsh on hair. The end result is that you get gorgeous color without the damage that lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 shampoos.


Semi-permanent creme hair color is ideal for those who enjoy experimenting with the color of their hair or are thinking about trying a new color but don’t want to make a permanent commitment. It’s also a great option for those who have recently had their hair chemically processed (such as with a perm or relaxing treatment) and wish to color their hair immediately without having to worry about damaging it. It’s also great for gray coverage and gray blending!

It’s Possible to Have Low Maintenance Hair Color

Treat Your Hair to Moisturizing Ingredients

ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Creme Hair Color contains a number of ingredients that are formulated to help your hair better retain moisture after coloring as well as smoothness and shine. With this formula, you can enjoy long-lasting color that’s gentle enough to use frequently without damaging even chemically processed hair, allowing you to achieve the low maintenance hair color you’ve always wanted.

It’s Possible to Have Low Maintenance Hair Color

10 Color Options to Choose From

No matter what color you’re thinking about experimenting with, you can likely find it in a semi-permanent shade by ion. If you’re considering going dark, check out the Black or the more dramatic Blackest Black option. Thinking of going red? Burgundy Brown is ideal for a more subdued red, whereas Hot Red will help you achieve that bright, head-turning shade.


For natural brown shades, you can choose from:

  • Light Warm Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Mocha Brown


Or, if you want to experiment outside the box a little, consider the popular Rose Quartz shade.

It’s Possible to Have Low Maintenance Hair Color

Choosing the Right Color for You

When deciding on a semi-permanent hair color, it’s always a good idea to take your skin tone into consideration. For example, if you have a cooler skin tone, then cooler shades will tend to complement your skin better than warmer shades, and vice versa. However, the beauty of semi-permanent color is that you have the freedom to experiment with color in ways that you otherwise may not have when using a traditional permanent hair color. Since your color will gradually fade each time you wash it, you can experiment with new shades without guilt or worry.


Of course, if you want to prolong the life of your color, consider extending the time between shampoos. Even going from a daily wash to a shampooing every other day will effectively double the life of your color, and you can always use a dry shampoo in between washing to keep your hair fresh.

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