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Pick the Perfect Statement Necklace for Your Look

The right necklace can take an outfit from nice to extraordinary. However, choosing the wrong necklace as your statement accessory can make even your favorite outfit look less than put together. To pick the perfect statement necklace it’s important to consider that there are different necklaces for different necklines and how they complement your facial shape. Pair specific style necklaces for different necklines to achieve maximum effect.

Tip: Use your statement necklace to coordinate with your other jewelry such as earrings and bracelets.

Statement Necklaces and Face Shapes

In general an oval face looks fabulous with any type of necklace style (lucky you!), from a long pendant to a collar necklace and everything in between. Soften a square jaw by drawing attention away from the jaw line with an eye-catching pendant on a chain or rock a multi-chain necklace with varying lengths. If you have a round face, try a chunky collar-length statement necklace, while a heart-shaped face may look stunning with a shorter or even choker-length necklace.

These are not hard and fast rules, more like guidelines for choosing a flattering statement necklace. While certain styles can definitely flatter certain facial shapes, it’s often better to choose your statement necklace so it coordinates with your outfit’s neckline.

Necklines and the Statement Necklace

There are so many styles of necklaces to complement different outfits and we love finding new ones to add to our collection. Check out a few simple tips for pairing the right statement necklace with an outfit. It’s all about the neckline.

Jewel neck, scoop neck or classic crew neckline

These are some of the most versatile necklines that look amazing with a variety of necklace styles. Try a bib statement necklace with colorful beads with your favorite fitted tee or opt for a pendant-style necklace to wear with a jewel neck work blouse.


Who doesn’t have at least a dozen or more v-neck tops in their closet? Pretty much any necklace you’d wear with a scoop or jewel neckline also can be worn with a v-neck. V-necks look lovely with a simple collarbone-length jewel pendant as well. Look for a necklace with a strong central focus to really make a statement.

One-shoulder neckline

It can seem tricky accessorizing a unique, one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder neckline. The key is to choose a necklace that complements the neckline. Bulky or chunky pieces typically don’t work with this style. Opt for a chain style, with or without a pendant, that sits about two inches below the neckline. You don’t want the necklace to overpower the one-shoulder neckline.

Halter or strapless neckline

An eye-catching collar or bib necklace look fabulous with a halter-style or strapless neckline. Because of the amount of skin exposed by a halter or strapless neckline, a wide collar-style or bib necklace is ideal for making a statement.

Tip: When choosing a large or bold statement necklace, pair it with a simpler outfit. Think little black dress with ornate gold plates or a multi-strand bib necklace with accent broach.

Statement Necklace Basics

A statement necklace is designed to do just that — make a statement. Wear a brightly colored bib necklace with classic white tee and your favorite pair of jeans. Avoid layering a bold or heavily-styled statement necklace over bright patterns. A simple birthstone pendant looks elegant and lovely with a v-neck blouse, while a really great floral necklace helps create a very feminine look ideal for an afternoon bridal shower or brunch with someone special.

Always wait to put on your statement necklace and earrings until after you’ve finished styling your hair. This keeps your Boosting Blow-dry spray or other styling products from settling on your jewelry and affecting its finish.

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