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Our Favorite Styling Products for Curly Hair

Getting the perfect curl takes time, but it isn’t at all difficult when you’ve gathered the essential supplies. While it might take a while to perfect your technique, a few products can definitely increase your game. Right now, your hair might look like a ball of fuzz. Don’t worry: We all go through it. Below, we cover the hair care industry’s best styling products for curly hair, one by one, based upon your curly hair’s needs. If you’re ready, head on to the list:

Our Favorite Styling Products for Curly Hair

Product One: The Moisturizer

Curly hair needs moisture to survive and thrive. Why? Because moisturizer reduces frizz. It also keeps your curls stuck together. Without moisturizer, your hair will split, fray and tumble. Sure, washing daily is important, but water alone won’t save your hair. You should only wash your hair between two and four times per week, but you should always apply conditioner and use moisturizer. Try ion Curl Solutions Deep Treatment, and be sure to apply it whenever your curls get loose.

Our Favorite Styling Products for Curly Hair

Product Two: The Ion Dryer

When you do wash your hair, you’ll need to find a way to dry it without ruining your curls. The ion Conditioning Ion-Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer, here, should be your companion. Ion dryers are powered by—you guessed it—an ion generator. High levels of all-natural, negative ions boosted by infrared heat will totally maintain the moisture of your curls. In fact, ionic energy is used as a heat shield. It produces millions of charged ions to save your conditioner from high temperatures.

Our Favorite Styling Products for Curly Hair

Product Three: The Scrunch Spray

Styling is important. To add texture, increase volume, define waves and protect your curls, you’ll need an on-the-go product like ion Curl Spray Gel. In many cases, at-home scrunch spray won’t be enough. You’ll need a portable spritzer to touch up your hair on long days. The three-in-one organic extract spray assists your hair’s ongoing maintenance. It protects your curls from humidity, increasing fullness and your style’s overall design. Don’t worry: When you’re using a miniature scrunch product, you’re always safe from frizz.

Our Favorite Styling Products for Curly Hair

Product Four: The Anti-Frizz Cutting Comb

Your job isn’t over. You’ll need to detangle your curls after each wash. If you don’t, they’ll gather and create a mass of matted hair. Try to avoid brushing your hair when possible. Instead, use an anti-frizz cutting comb. The ion Anti-Frizz Cutting Comb expertly separates hair without tangling it. Its anti-static material, too, assists with post-shower styling. Remember: Use a detangling spray before application. Carefully work through your curls, and use your fingers alongside the comb to secure your look.

Our Favorite Styling Products for Curly Hair

Product Five: The Styling Crème

Sometimes, spritzed scrunch spray won’t cover your project’s scope. In such a case, ion Curl Solutions Styling Crème is your friend. Boost your curl definition, and secure your hair’s long-lasting bounce with a simple, after-shower application. It’s lightweight, moisturizing and eliminates frizz. It covers fine, thin and normal wavy hair, too, so you’ll never be stuck with collapsing curls.

It’s important to keep your shopping sights open, too. Browse products based on your hair’s texture, length and style. Every person is different, and each has a unique style. Electrify your fashion, and take charge with great deals today! ALL ion Styling is save $3 on two full-sized products.

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