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Our Favorite Pigtail Hairstyles

Pigtails are still in style, and you can jam with a flexible summer and spring style with a little effort. They’re not for kids anymore, and you can achieve the perfect braided look easily! If you want to rock the office look, kick off summer with a refreshing style or even complement your outfit with a unique touch, the pigtail hairstyles below are for you:


Our Favorite Pigtail Hairstyles

One: The Messy Style with a Headband

Though classic pigtails can be a little too conservative, tossing in a headband works wonders. Messy pigtails, when partnered with a headband, is the perfect style for a laid-back, cozy day. Toss in a fun necklace, grab a pastel headband and achieve a solid, yet flexible chic look. It isn’t too shabby, and de-frizzing your hair before braiding it will keep the edges where they need to be. Apply a little product, and go to town with the Ion Anti-Frizz Ceramic Thermal Round Brush to pull the messy pigtail look together.

Our Favorite Pigtail Hairstyles

Two: The Loose Braids

Loose braids are highly liberal, and they’re perfect for any season. Classic loose pigtail hairstyles work wonders when paired with a sweater, and they work exceptionally well in winter. Loose braids also go great with highlights. Whether you’re repurposing your style in summer or winter, the Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener can pull your look together. Your loose braids will look great either way, but a subtle, transitioning highlight scheme will look awesome in light twists.

Our Favorite Pigtail Hairstyles

Three: The Low-Styled Look

Low-styled pigtails are favored by Hollywood. If you look around, high-styled pigtails are common in kids. Your low style can be pulled off with a couple hair bands, and it’s capable of exemplifying your cheek’s subtle tones without over-defining your jaw. No matter how messy they get, low-style pigtails are definitely one of our favorite looks.

Our Favorite Pigtail Hairstyles

Four: The Curly Look

You don’t even need naturally curly hair to pull off the curly look. Curly tails are fast, manageable and easy to create. In minutes, you can throw your hair into several pigtails, fortifying your new style with loose ends. If you’re already rocking naturally wavy hair—you’re in luck. Curly tails are incredibly easy to pull off, and they’re perfect for any occasion. They’re adaptable to all ages, and they can be maintained with relative ease. To empower your curly look further, apply a product like Ion Brilliance Shine Spray to bring out some depth.

Our Favorite Pigtail Hairstyles

Five: The Fishtail Style

Sometimes, crazier is better. Fishtail braids aren’t wild, but they’re definitely closer to classic pigtails. It’s trending hard, and it’s only becoming more popular. The fish style might look complicated, but it’s rather easy to commit to. It’s worn, primarily, by adults. It’s also a celeb favorite. Quickly becoming a haircare industry favorite, too, the fish tail style pigtail is gaining traction. To buff it up, simply separate your hair into two sections. Then, take a small section of hair from your left. Move it to the right. Then, take a strand from the right, and move it to the left. Repeat the process until your braid is complete.

With any pigtail style, it’s important to reference the classic pigtail for inspiration. Trending pigtail styles all take inspiration from the classic look. Grab your products, take a chance and take off to an awesome pigtail style.

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