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Our Favorite Hair Style Techniques with A Heated Hair Brush

These days, heated styling brushes are becoming increasingly popular among busy women who want to achieve beautiful hairstyles without spending hours of their day working on their hair. With the right styling brush, you can curl, straighten, and add volume to your hair in just a matter of minutes. Not to mention, a heated hair brush is also great for “freshening up” your hairstyle in between shampoos.

Our Favorite Hair Style Techniques with A Heated Hair Brush

The Ion Titanium Thermal Styling Brush

One of the best features of this styling brush is that it has a titanium coating, which helps to ensure even heat distribution. What this means for you is long-lasting styles without the need for constant touch-ups. Furthermore, this styling brush has a curved brush head, which is great for not only curling or added waves to your hair but adding impressive volume at the roots as well. This brush also features far-infrared heat, which helps to retain your hair’s natural moisture.

With adjustable heat settings that go up to 400 degrees and a 60-minute auto shutoff feature, this heated styling brush is a great place to start for just about any hair type!

Our Favorite Hair Style Techniques with A Heated Hair Brush

Curling Your Hair With a Styling Brush

One of the most common reasons women buy heated styling brushes is to curl their hair with greater speed and ease when compared to a traditional curling iron. The nylon bristles on the thermal styling brush are great for combing and smoothing out hair at the same time that you curl it; this helps you achieve tangle-free curls that are nice and smooth.


To curl your hair using a heated styling brush, begin with dry hair and section it off as you normally would based on your hair length and thickness. Working from the bottom layer up, take a section of your hair and work the brush from the roots, lifting up as you go to create volume. Gently and slowly rotate the brush barrel in the desired direction of the curl as you work your way to the bottom. Continue repeating this process in sections until you’ve achieved your desired look, then finish off with a quality hair spray!

Our Favorite Hair Style Techniques with A Heated Hair Brush

Flipping Your Hair and Adding Volume

Another popular use for heated styling brushes is that of adding volume and flipping hair out at the ends. This creates a fun and flirty look that anybody can pull off with long, short, or medium-length hair.

To achieve this look, section off hair into top and bottom layers. Working from the bottom layer, take small sections of hair and begin working the brush directly up from the roots to create volume. Then, continue combing the brush down the shaft; as you reach the ends of the hair, use a flipping motion to flip the ends of your hair out in the desired direction. Finish with hairspray for a flirty look!

These are just a couple of the fun styles you can achieve with the right heated hair brush. With enough practice, this may be the only styling tool you need!

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