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Our Best Hair Mask for Colored Hair

Hair color trends for Spring 2017 have really been mixing it up. From stunning snow white blonde to gorgeous hidden highlights, colorful geode styles, and head-turning jewel-tone balayage, these color trends are bright and beautiful. When rocking the bold colors of this season, you want those colors to look good for a long time. For how to make hair color last longer, look to a quality hair masque to refresh and revive even the boldest and brightest of shades.

Why Hair Color Fades

Do you have problems with your fabulous new hair fading too quickly? Colored hair can fade for a variety of reasons. If your hair’s not at its healthiest before coloring, it can be difficult for the color to deposit. Hair that’s dry and protein deficient may not hold color well, which can result with fading. Other reasons hair color fades include:

  • Not leaving the color on long enough
  • Shampooing too soon after coloring
  • Rinsing your hair with hot water
  • Too much UV exposure
  • Washing/rinsing hair with hard water
  • Too many harsh chemicals from shampoo and other hair products

Hair care products that contain sulfates and have a high PH can be hard on the hair and contribute to early color fade.

Best Hair Mask for Colored Hair

The good news is you can protect your hair color and make it last longer with a good quality hair masque. The new ion™ Color Pigments™ Color Depositing Masque is the ideal solution for maintaining your bright and beautiful hair in between colorings. This uniquely formulated masque is designed to:

  • Deposit color directly on the hair with a single conditioning treatment
  • Help maintain the hair’s health and shine through antioxidants and natural oils
  • Offer a selection of both core and contemporary colors

You can find your perfect color shade with the ion™ Color Pigments™ Color Depositing Masque. It’s available in golden honey brown, natural brown, and auburn as well as contemporary colors that include plum, magenta, sky blue, and neon purple. Whether you’re looking to try colored tips or making a statement with all-over brilliant color, this conditioning masque is ideal and super simple to use.
When it’s time to select the best hair masque for colored hair and the right products to keep your hair looking amazing, look to Ion. Opt for the Color Pigments™ Color Depositing Masque and the ion™ Color Defense After-Color Sealer to help hydrate your hair, seal the cuticle, and add shine.

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