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Not your Mom’s Hair Color: At-Home Coloring Myths Debunked

Want to color your hair at home, but afraid of the potentially disastrous consequences? You’re definitely not alone. Many women saw their mothers, aunts, and even older sisters end up with crazy home-colored hair. But those days are gone. Thanks to new options in hair coloring, like Ion Color Brilliance, you can get beautiful color that looks like it came from a salon, right at home.

Today, coloring your hair at home isn’t considered old-fashioned, cheap, tacky, or any of those old stereotypes. Here are 5 myths you can confidently throw out the window.

Myth: You need permanent hair color from a salon to cover gray

You really don’t. You can use demi-permanent hair color, instead. In fact, this often works better than permanent color, especially for blending gray, because it creates a more natural result with minimal maintenance. What is demi-permanent color? It’s a type of hair color that only deposits glossy hair color without lifting your natural pigment, so you don’t get obvious roots. Demi-permanent hair color can last up to six weeks, and because it’s a gradual fade-out, it does not create a strong line of demarcation when new growth comes in, compared to permanent color options.

Myth: You should color your hair a shade or two darker in the winter

This myth was based on lighter hair being “sun-kissed” in the summer, and getting a little darker in the winter. But by now means is it a rule you have to follow! Just choose a color that you like—and complements your features and skin tone. There’s no reason to change your color unless you want to.

Myth: At-home hair color looks fake or too obvious

Not with good products, it won’t. You can get excellent DIY hair color, like Ion Color Brilliance. Its professional hair color formulas are formulated with the world’s most luxurious ingredients to give you the richest color and crazy amounts of healthy shine. It will also save you big money when compared to the cost of a salon color service.

Myth: Coloring at home will damage my hair

It could, but so could coloring from a salon. The key to avoiding damage is using professional-grade products that give you quality results. If you use Ion Color Brilliance and follow the directions carefully, you won’t have to deal with any damage. It’s really just that simple. Pro coloring tip: For salon-like results at home, use Ion Color Brilliance Pre-Color Treatment.

Myth: Home hair color is messy, and it takes a long time

At-home hair color has never been faster, cleaner, or easier to do. In fact, Ion Color Brilliance is expertly designed to stay on your hair where it belongs for an easy, mess-free DIY experience. It also gives you beautiful, dimensional color in about an hour, which is a lot less time than what it takes to sit in your stylist’s chair.

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