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New Ways to Part Your Hair

A new look doesn’t always have to be a drastic haircut. Shake up your hair and look by changing your part — you’ll be surprised at how dramatically your look changes just by parting your hair differently. Depending on your facial shape, certain parts will look better (or worse.) Before you choose your new part, take a look at the shape of your face. Discover new ways to part your hair to shake up your look! 

New Ways to Part Your Hair

Face Shapes: Best Ways to Part Your Hair

There are several basic facial shapes and different hairstyles (including parts) can complement one shape over another.

Round = Deep Side Part or Middle Part

If your face is round like actress Ginnifer Goodwin and you’ve been wearing bangs, now’s the time to change it up. A deep side part can help add a bit of angularity to your face’s natural roundness as the curtain of hair sweeps across your brow and to one side. Another option is a traditional middle part. Both the middle part and deep side part give a round face the illusion of length and help to create symmetry.


Oval = Any Part

Yes, the oval shaped face has it all. It’s the type of shape that looks good with short hair or long hair, layers or even an asymmetrical cut. If your face is oval-shaped, you’re in luck because any part will look good, from a basic middle part to standard side part or a deep side.


Heart = Deep Side Part

Think Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, or Halle Berry when picturing a heart shaped face. Often a heart shaped face has more of a pointy chin and prominent cheek bones. A deep side part helps soften the chin line and the cheeks. This shape face looks stunning with a mid-length cut.


Oblong = Middle Part

If your face is gorgeous oblong like Iman, Jessica Alba, and Sarah Jessica Parker, opt for a middle part to create an illusion of roundness to your face. You can even forgo the part and go for some fringe or bangs, which also help to shorten the look of an oblong face. If you don’t want a straight-down-the-middle part, try one that’s slightly off-center, about one-half inch off center.


Square = Side Part

Soften the angles of a square face with a side part, but don’t go too deep with it. If the part is too deep, it can have the opposite effect on a square face, accentuating the angles too sharply. Opt for long, side-swept bangs that gently brush your face for an ultra-feminine look that never goes out of style.


Diamond = Side Part

Do you have a diamond shaped face like Scarlett Johansson? The diamond shape creates a narrow hairline and a pointed jawline. You may have found that shorter hairstyles work best with your diamond shaped face and a side part can take your look to the next level. Ditch the middle part and move it to the side to complement your strong cheekbones.

New Ways to Part Your Hair

Training Your Hair for a New Part

If you’ve always parted your hair on the right side and now have decided to go for it and change up your look, there’s a chance your hair may be a bit stubborn. When changing your part, there may be a cowlick to tame or it just may take a bit convincing to get your hair to do what you want.


To train your hair for a new part, it’s best to avoid air-drying your hair. If you allow your hair to air dry, it’s likely to fall naturally back into your old part style. When your hair is still wet, apply a heat protection spray and comb your hair into its new part. Heat style it on low, drying thoroughly and training the hair to fall into the part.


It may take several days to re-train your hair into a new part style but the end result will be worth the time and effort.

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