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Makeup Tricks for Women Who Wear Glasses

Whether you’ve recently been told by your eye doctor that you need glasses or have been wearing them for most of your life, the fact remains that many women struggle with applying makeup that complements their eyeglass frames and draws out the best features of the face. If this problem is all-too-familiar for you, rest assured that these makeup application tips will have you looking and feeling your best in glasses in no time!

Opt for Volumizing Mascara

One of the biggest mistakes women make when it comes to wearing glasses and makeup at the same time is that of applying a lengthening mascara as opposed to a volumizing one. When you apply mascara that promises to lengthen your lashes, you often end up with lashes that are so long, they hit your lenses. Not pretty. Instead, make the most of your current lash length while wearing glasses by applying a volumizing mascara instead. After all, who wants black mascara smudges on their lenses?

Use a Concealer to Hide Shadows

Depending on the size of your frames, there’s a good chance that when you wear your glasses, your frames actually cast a shadow underneath your eyes that can make you look older and/or tired. Fortunately, combating these under-eye shadows caused by makeup is easy enough; all you need is a little bit of yellow under-eye concealer. You can use your finger or a brush to apply it after your foundation and before you continue with the rest of your makeup routine. The yellow in the concealer will counteract the darkness of the shadows, making your eyes appear brighter and your skin more vibrant. Of course, shadow-casting isn’t an issue with all frames (if you wear smaller ones, you’re probably okay)…but if your frames are on the larger side, you may want to give this tip a try.

Draw Your Winged Eyeliner Accordingly

Love wearing winged eyeliner? What girl doesn’t?! However, if you eye makeup with glasses, you’ll want to be a little more careful about how you draw on your winged eyeliner. We know, we know…drawing winged eyeliner is hard enough as it is, but trust us: this tip really does make all the difference in the appearance of your eyes. Specifically, as you draw on your winged eyeliner, aim to have the ends of the wings pointed towards the top outer corners of your eyeglass frames. Doing so will actually make your eyes appear larger and wider, making them pop out and draw some of the attention away from your glasses and back to your eyes, where it belongs.

If you wear glasses with rounded frames, just do your best to keep the winged eyeliner applied at an identical angle on each eye.

Coordinate Colored Frames With Makeup

Do you have glasses with fun, funky frames in bold colors but have been afraid to wear them because you’re not sure how to apply your makeup around them? It’s easier than you think. The nice thing about bold-colored frames is that, a lot of times, they can negate your need to wear a lot of makeup in the first place. In this sense, less is really more. For example, if you have some bold red or purple frames, you can probably go ahead and skip the blush and eyeshadow application. Instead, a simple application of light powder, eyeliner or mascara, and a bold lip color that matches or complements the color of your frames can go a long way. Don’t let those frames intimidate you! With proper makeup application, you can totally pull them off.

Define Those Brows

Finally, understand that while your glasses technically frame your eyes, your eyebrows frame your entire face. As such, you’ll want to make sure that your eyebrow game is on-point, even if you think your eyeglass frames hide your brows. Take the time to apply a brow brush to define your eyebrows and give them a nice arch; doing so will really pull your whole look together.

Applying makeup when you wear eyeglasses does take a little more care and planning, but it’s more than worth it. Not to mention, you can really have a lot of fun with your makeup application when you wear glasses, so be sure to put these tips to use! 

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