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Make Your Own Homemade Hair Oil for Gorgeous Locks

It might seem backwards to put oil on your hair, since you use shampoo to get rid of excess oil. But hair oil actually benefits your locks when you use it as part of your beauty routine. The fats in the oil help keep your hair together so you don’t get split ends, smooth the cuticles on the outside of the hair, ward off heat damage and help you get those pesky tangles out of your wet strands. Basically, oil can give you healthier and more beautiful hair without all the damage and frizziness. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Fortunately, hair oil is completely easy to make yourself at home! Here are a few homemade hair oil recipes for you to follow (plus a tip for those less inclined to make things themselves!):

Homemade Hair Oil

Make Your Own Homemade Hair Oil for Gorgeous Locks

Coconut Oil Blend

Celebrity Stylist Mark Townsend recommends a simple mixture of oils for the hair. To try it yourself at home, make coconut oil your base by putting a cup of that in a bowl. Then, you’ll add just a touch of a few other oils to gain their benefits. Add one tablespoon each of jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, almond oil and macadamia oil to the bowl and mix them all together. Voila, you have a fantastic moisturizing, smoothing and protecting hair oil with this amazing blend!

Make Your Own Homemade Hair Oil for Gorgeous Locks

Coconut Oil With Rosemary and Mint

An awesome recipe from Little Green Dot includes herbs that benefit your locks: rosemary and mint. It adds these herbs to coconut oil, which is greatly beneficial for hair since it’s able to go into the hair shaft instead of just staying on the outside. Take a few fresh mint leaves and rosemary sprigs, and add them to a jar. Then, fill the jar with coconut oil. Let this mixture sit for two weeks, during which time the oils from the herbs will draw out and go into the oil – shake it once in awhile to help the process and then remove the herbs before using the oil on your hair. If you’d prefer to have some of the work done for you, add a few drops of mint and rosemary essential oil to the coconut oil instead of extracting the natural oils yourself.

Pre-Made Hair Oil

Make Your Own Homemade Hair Oil for Gorgeous Locks

Ion’s Repairing Oil

If you’d like to use hair oil but are not really the do-it-yourself type, feel free to purchase a hair oil instead. Ion Keratin Dry Oil Mist is a great choice for improving the look and feel of hair without making it too heavy or greasy. This formula will help protect heat damage while safe for chemically-treated or color-treated hair. Spray throughout damp hair, while remembering to avoid your roots, and style as usual. Or, spray on to dry hair to enhance shine.

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