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Maintain Vibrant Hair Color at Home

Experimenting with bright, vibrant colors in your hair can be a lot of fun. From bold reds and vivacious purples to electric blues and even greens, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. However, as beautiful as vibrant and less-natural hair colors can be, they also tend to fade a lot faster than your “traditional” hair colors, which can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can follow to protect even the most vibrant hair color from premature fading!

Start With a Quality Hair Color

Start by choosing the right hair coloring products; Ion has a wide range of contemporary colors and demi-permanent colors to help you achieve your ideal color! Consider, for instance, the popular ion™ magenta hair color, which is great for those looking to experiment with purples and red shades in hair. These colors are great for long-lasting, deposit-only color that effectively colors your hair without the need for damaging ammonia.

Wash Hair Less Frequently

Even with a quality coloring product, bold-colored hair will fade more quickly by nature. This is especially true for those who shampoo their hair on a daily basis. Each time you wash, you’ll be stripping some of that color away and literally rinsing it down the drain. For this reason, if you’re wondering how to maintain purple hair (or any other vibrant color), one of the best things you can do is to stop washing your hair with shampoo daily. Instead, try using a dry shampoo in lieu of washing every day, or switch to a cleansing conditioner instead. If you do need to shampoo, use a color-safe option and try to only wash the roots of your hair, which tend to get the most oily.

Avoid Styling With Heat

Exposing your hair to heat can also make the color more prone to fading, so try to lay off the styling tools (blow dryers, curling irons, etc.) whenever possible. If you can’t go without your hot styling tools, use a product specifically designed for color treated hair that you can spray in your hair before drying or styling to prevent against fading.

Mix Color Into Your Conditioner

In between sessions of coloring your hair, another tip you may want to try is mixing a little bit of that bold color directly into your conditioner. This way, you’ll be refreshing your color each time you condition without causing any damage to your hair in the process. All you need is a small amount of your leftover hair color (already mixed) and a bottle of your favorite conditioner. Condition your hair as normal, but wait about 5-10 minutes to rinse. This will give the color a chance to soak into your hair. Rinse and enjoy a nice little color boost!

Use a Color Depositing Masque

Finally, if you’re looking to really revamp your color in between coloring sessions, try Ion’s new color-depositing masque. This conditioning treatment is even more effective than mixing existing color into your conditioner, yielding amazing results that can prolong the amount of time you can take in between coloring your hair again. This masque is easy to use and is much easier and less time consuming that completely re-coloring your hair.

When using this masque, simply be careful not to apply it to any areas of your hair that were not previously colored or that used a different color. This may require you to section off parts of your hair in order to prevent any color from running. This masque is available in a variety of Ion’s most popular vibrant shades to suit your needs, so give it a try along with these other tips for longer-lasting bold color!

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