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Maintain Beautiful Blonde Hair

Beautiful blonde hair is something that many women wish they were born with. After all, the saying is that “blondes have more fun.” Unfortunately, blonde can also be one of the more difficult hair colors to maintain and keep looking healthy. Still, whether you were born with naturally blonde hair or are thinking about bleaching your hair blonde, there are some important tips to follow that’ll keep your blonde looking its most radiant, healthy, and beautiful.

Maintain Beautiful Blonde Hair

For All Blondes

This first set of beautiful blonde hair tips applies to all women with blonde hair, whether natural or bleach blonde.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

When you have blonde hair, using the right shampoo and conditioner is a must. Specifically, you’ll want to choose a shampoo and conditioner that’s specifically formulated for use on blonde hair, right down to the new blonde yellow packaging! These products will contain toner that will help keep your blonde the perfect shade and prevent it from becoming brassy or red in color (which is a common problem that many blondes battle).


Protect it From the Sun and Chlorine

In addition to using the right shampoo and conditioner daily, you’ll also want to take steps to protect your blonde hair from both the sun and chlorine. If you know you’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time, consider wearing a hat, visor, or other type of protection to keep your hair from being directly exposed. Otherwise, the sun’s UV rays can alter the color of your hair. The same goes for chlorine (which can turn blonde hair green!); consider wearing a swimming cap when swimming in a chlorinated pool.


Know Your Water Supply

Finally, have your home’s water tested to see if you have any copper in your water supply, as this can cause your blonde hair to turn a brassy color. You might want to consider investing in a water purification system if this is the case.

Maintain Beautiful Blonde Hair

For Bottle Blondes

These following tips apply primarily to women who weren’t born with naturally blonde hair, but who have bleached or otherwise lightened their hair.


Schedule Regular Trims

Bleach does a great job of lightening your hair, but it can also be very damaging. Often times, bleach leads to fried or split ends that can really take away from the overall health and shine of your hair. By having regular trims done every 6-8 weeks, you can keep your blonde hair looking healthy and shiny.


Use a Conditioning Treatment

Another way to combat the dryness that can be caused by bleach is to use a deep conditioning treatment. These are great for restoring moisture and hydration to your parched locks. You can use a conditioning treatment as often as you want, but once a week should be plenty for achieving your desired results.


Use a Great Dry Shampoo

Finally, taking some extra time in between shampooing your hair is important when it’s been treated with bleach. Consider utilizing a dry shampoo in between washing to get rid of unwanted buildup without stripping your hair of the natural oils that it needs.


Overall, using the right products and exercising the best care with your blonde hair can keep it looking its best, regardless of whether you’re a natural blonde or not. Be sure to keep these tips in mind to achieve and maintain your ideal blonde for a long time to come.

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