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Throwback Thursday: Favorite Looks from the 70’s

When you’re at a loss as to how to style your hair, a fun way to mix things up is to borrow from another decade. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular looks from the 1970’s – which were prominent on runways this year – and how you can achieve them from home. This decade was all about long locks, yet you might be able to adapt some for medium-length hair as well.

Create a Stylish Topknot

This is a fashionable updo for everyday wear or special occasions.

  • Use a paddle brush to blow dry your hair, pushing it back from your face.
  • Use Blow Dry Creme Serum to give your mane a sleek, shimmering look.
  • Then, have Curl Styling Creme spread on your hands as you collect your hair into a perfect ponytail at the top back of your head.
  • Next, apply Oil-Free Glosser to the brush to spread it through the loose strands in the ponytail, creating a smooth texture.
  • To give structure to the knot, twist a piece of wire around the ponytail base.
  • Spin the loose hair around the wire until you have a topknot.
  • Hold the ends in place with bobby pins, and use Gel Styling Mist to finish.

Achieve Long, Loosely Wavy Hair

Get a casual, yet put-together look with this 1970s hair style.

  • Start by blow drying your hair with Styling Boosting Blow Dry Spray, then mist with Curl Texture Spray — these products will give your hair thickness and texture.
  • Choose your preference of a center or side part, and use Gel Styling Mist on the front sections of your hair, which you’ll let flow across your forehead and in front of your shoulders.
  • Create loose curls within these sections using a 1 1/4 Inch Curling Iron.
  • Once the sections are curled, use your fingers to loosen the curls.

Create Straight-As-Can-Be Locks

Certain products and techniques will prevent your hair from naturally curling or frizzing, and keep it straight throughout your day.

  • Start by spritzing Thickening Styler just on your roots and then blow drying with your fingers instead of a brush.
  • Next, apply Thickening Mousse from the middle of your hair down to the tips.
  • Switch to a round brush and blow dry again in sections, focusing on straightening the hair by holding it within the round brush as you dry it.

Get a Full-Bodied, Fun Ponytail

When you want your hair out of your face, you’ll still look completely stylish with this standout look.

  • To get it, start by blow drying your hair, then use Heat Protection Spray with a straightening iron. If your hair isn’t long enough on its own, add extensions.
  • Part your hair in the center and spray Styling Boosting Blow Dry Spray on your locks.
  • Then, make a low ponytail by your neck and create pin set curls in your ponytail starting six inches down from the base.
  • After you take out the pins, gently use a paddle brush on the ponytail.
  • Finish the look with Brilliance Shine Spray just around the ponytail base and hairline.

Have fun transforming into a girl from another time with these styles, whether you remember them from your past or they’re new to you. Pair these hairstyles with a ’70s-inspired outfit and you’ll be a master of a few of your favorite looks from the 70’s.

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