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How Long Does Permanent Hair Color Last and Other Tips

Nothing beats luxurious hair color that’s long-lasting and that actually benefits your hair health. Permanent hair color from ion™ Color Brilliance™ is your best option when choosing custom color with a high shine, vibrant hues, and silky feel.

How Long Does Permanent Hair Color Last?

Permanent hair color lasts the longest of your coloring options. Permanent hair color actually lightens the hair’s natural color by lifting and depositing color on the strands. For a quick refresher, here are the differences between semi-, demi-, and permanent hair color.

  • Semi-permanent: Lasts about 10 to 15 shampoos, depositing color only on the outer layer of the hair. Perfect choice if you’re unsure about coloring and want to experiment.
  • Demi-permanent: Lasts about 20 to 28 shampoos and may contain a small amount of peroxide. It deposits the color between the cortex and cuticle, which helps the color last longer than semi-permanent color.
  • Permanent color: Lasts until the colored hair grows out. Use permanent hair color when you want to lighten your hair significantly or enjoy a long-lasting color. Best choice when you don’t want to color weekly.

Benefits of Permanent Hair Color

A high-quality permanent hair color offers several benefits. Unlike semi- and demi-permanent hair color, benefits include 100% gray coverage with permanent over semi or demi, saving time and money.

In addition, you have many more shades available, including gorgeous blondes and hues that allow you to lighten your hair safely without turning your hair into straw. The ion™ Color Brilliance™ Brilliant 12 Permanent Gloss Hair Color comes in eight amazing colors you won’t want to miss — in fact, you’ll probably have a hard time picking a favorite. The new colors include:

  • Light blonde
  • Medium golden blonde
  • Medium blonde
  • Dark blonde
  • Light burgundy brown
  • Darkest brown
  • Midnight violet black
  • Plum

The science-inspired formulation of the ion™ Color Brilliance™ Brilliant 12 Permanent Gloss Hair Color effortlessly provides 12 additional benefits for your hair. These benefits are noticeable after just one use.

  1. 100-percent gray coverage
  2. Anti-fade, UV protection
  3. High-gloss finish
  4. Color enhancer to ensure long-lasting color
  5. Conditioning agent to maintain natural movement plus volume and vitality
  6. Repairs/conditions the hair’s most damaged areas
  7. Strengthens strands to reduce splitting
  8. Enhanced softness
  9. Luminous shine
  10. Instantly smoothes to reduce fly-aways
  11. Luxurious pigmentation for great color saturation
  12. Superior hydration for hair health

Tips for Using Permanent Hair Color

When choosing a shade of permanent hair color, always perform a strand test before coloring your whole head. All hair color reacts slightly different on each individual, it’s best to test before committing to a full color. Always choose products like the ion™ Color Brilliance™ Brilliant 12 Permanent Gloss Hair Color because these offer not only amazing color results, but help maintain hair health.

Check out more ideas about permanent hair color and Hair Color 101 and get ready to pick your new favorite shade of ion™ Color Brilliance™ Brilliant 12 Permanent Gloss Hair Color. Need help deciding? Call our ion™ Color Support Hotline!

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