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Let Steam Straighten and Retain Moisture in Your Hair with a Steam Straightening Brush

There can be some mornings when the idea of straightening your entire head of hair can be less than appealing. Maybe your hair is feeling a little more dry than normal, or maybe straightening your hair is just too much effort that morning. Meet our favorite compromise, the new ion™ Steam PRO Straightening Brush Iron. A steam straightening brush not only makes it easy to smooth and straighten all types of hair, but the steam helps with moisture retention for healthier, shinier hair.

Let Steam Straighten and Retain Moisture in Your Hair with a Steam Straightening Brush

Benefits of Steam Technology

The biggest problem with any type of heat styling is that it removes moisture from the hair. Without moisture, your hair loses its luster and can become dry, brittle, and damaged. A straightening brush that utilizes steam technology offers several important benefits for your hair, especially if it’s color treated. This next generation of heat styling tools heats fast, adjusts to a stable temperature and will leave your hair beautiful and sleek. This steam hydration works to keep your hair healthier, which means more shine and better manageability.

A steam straightening brush also:

  • Intensifies hair’s shine with the use of steam heat
  • Variable heat settings allow easy customization for different hair types
  • Cuts down on hair snags that cause breakage
  • Reduces frizz

Let Steam Straighten and Retain Moisture in Your Hair with a Steam Straightening Brush

Best Tips for Using a Steam Straightening Brush

While steam technology significantly reduces the risk of damage to your hair because it adds moisture with each pass of the brush, you still need to take protective steps to keep hair healthy. The best way to keep your heat styled hair looking gorgeous year-round is to care for it proactively.

Try using heat protection sprays before using heat styling tools. These help minimize drying and damage. At least once a month, try a leave-in treatment. Ion’s Moisture Beauty Balm features coconut oil and hibiscus extract specifically formulated to replenish moisture and protect your hair even with regular color treatment and heat styling. The balm refreshes any dry ends, which helps control fly-aways and frizz.

If you love the idea of steam heat for straightening, don’t forget to consider a heated styling brush when superior volume is your goal. We’ve got all the details about that handy styling tool in Why We Love a Heated Styling Brush. Got questions? We’ve got answers — from steam straightening, to color solutions, and endless styling product tips and tricks.  

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