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Kid Friendly DIYs

“Mommy, can you make me a bird?” Words like these can strike fear in the hearts of non-crafty mothers everywhere. Luckily, with a little guidance from you, your children can create lovely art projects without a lot of mess, stress, or expense. These kids’ crafts were specially chosen for their simple, high DIY, and low-cost factors. Plus, these crafts have the potential to create some of your favorite memories!

Cardboard cities

This is something many of us tried to accomplish as kids: building little cities out of cardboard boxes. With the fun, innovative, and endless amount of craft supplies available today, this craft has hit the modern age. Today, you can make skyscrapers out of cardboard boxes, painting them with washable paint to make them as mess-free as possible. Set up cardboard boxes of different heights together in a row, then designate a business for each box, or determine if one or two will be residences. Then, draw on windows, cut out entryways, glue on scrapbook stickers for 3D imagery. Try acrylic plastic sheets for glass windows and printed 12×12 scrapbook paper for texture such as bricks. Get creative and have fun here—your imagination is the only limit!

Paper crowns

These are so easy to make out of paper plates. All you have to do is cut out a crown shape from paper plates and build, glue, and embellish! One fun idea is creating a layered paper crown out of different sized paper plates, stringing them together with pipe cleaners (try metallic gold pipe cleaners for a royal look!) and stacking them like a coronation crown. Cut diamond shapes from scrapbook paper, pile on the plastic rhinestones, you name it! This crown is your creation, and you can use your imaginations to make it unique.

Fun Sand

This sensory DIY involves 8 cups flour with one cup baby oil. Mix it up, mess it around, and let the kids enjoy it (with your supervision, of course).

Edible Worms

Not as disgusting as it sounds, these are tasty creatures that can teach your kids a little bit about garden biology. All you have to do is make a jello mixture and pour it into a gathering of straws that have been wrapped together with a string or rubber band. Let everything cool for at least 8 hours. To remove, run warm water over the straws and let the jello slide out. OR, roll a rolling pin over each straw to expand it, then tip the worm into a bowl, allowing it to slide out. You can also try blowing into the straw to get the worm to exit, as well. Either way, this fun activity is also fun to eat afterwards!

Toilet Paper Castles

For this easy-peasy craft, you’ll need to save your toilet paper rolls for a week or so. Paint toilet paper rolls any color, or draw on bricks or stones to create the outside of each turret of the castle. Cut rectangular windows throughout each “building,” then top with a paper cone or cut to create jagged edges. Assemble them together to create a palace worthy of any little king or queen.

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