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What is the Interlace Hair Color Technique?

Feeling a little burnt out on traditional hair coloring techniques? While balayage and ombre hair color have certainly been trendy over the past few years, many women these days are beginning to turn to more unique color options, such as interlace hair color. Specifically, the innovative interlace color trend involves the careful freehand application of color to add a sun-kissed or shimmery look to the hair that simply cannot be achieved through other methods.

What is the Interlace Hair Color Technique?

Is Interlace Color Right for You?

Because interlace hair color really shows off its beauty when light reflects off those strategically painted strands of hair, interlace color is generally best for women with naturally wavy or curly hair. Those with pin-straight hair may have a harder time achieving the desired results with this method. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that the specific colors you use in your interlace color technique can have a major impact—and the right colors for your look will vary based on whether you have lighter or darker hair.

For example, if you have darker hair, then you’ll be best served by using fun ion™ Color Brilliance™ Permanent Crème purple or similar shades to add a subtle jewel dimension to your hair. On the other hand, lighter-haired women may be better off choosing golden or brown shades to create a natural, sunkissed look.

What is the Interlace Hair Color Technique?

How to Achieve Interlace Hair Color

You don’t need to pay a professional hair stylist to help you achieve this look! All you need are the right tools and a basic understanding of how the technique is done. Watching videos of stylists performing the interlace hair color technique online can be a great way to improve your understanding and get you off to the right start.

Here’s what you’ll need to pull off interlace hair color at home:

Get started by carefully parting your hair into at least three sections. You can create more than three sections if desired (and you may want to if you have thicker or longer hair). Then, loosely braid each section. Mix your color and developer into a clean coloring bowl (you may need several bowls depending on how many different colors you’re wanting to use).

Next, carefully hand-paint flecks of hair color along each braided section of hair to create a multi-tonal look. Try working from darker to lighter colors or shades to achieve a more natural look. Then, allow the color to set for about 30 minutes before rinsing out with warm water until water runs clean. From there, simply dry and style as usual. We recommend curling or adding waves to your hair to reveal a shimmery and dimensional look.


The great thing about this color technique is that it doesn’t take up much time, making it ideal for women who are always on-the-go and don’t necessarily have a lot of time to dedicate to more complex hair coloring techniques, such as ombre or even traditional highlights. Plus, it doesn’t require you to use a lot of color; a little bit can go a long way when you’re careful with the placement of your color. From there, it’s just a matter of maintaining your color with protecting products, such as color-defense shampoos and conditioners.

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