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How to Volumize Your Hair 4 Different Ways

Many of us weren’t born with thick, full, and voluminous hair…and that’s okay! Finer hair tends to be easier to style and quicker to dry, but having fine hair does come with some inherent drawbacks—the greatest of which is that it can be difficult to achieve volume and fullness when you have naturally fine or thin hair. The good news, though, is that you can learn how to volumize your hair to add sexy volume to your locks no matter what your natural hair type is!

How to Volumize Your Hair 4 Different Ways

Try Back-Brushing

Okay, so maybe you haven’t teased your hair since the 80s…but this is a little different. Back-brushing isn’t as harsh on your hair, and it’s only done at the roots. This technique, when properly executed, can yield lots of added volume at your roots and around your part. All you have to do is separate your hair with a small top section clipped back. Then, work in small sessions to back-brush by tautly holding each section and using a paddle brush to gently brush back the roots.

How to Volumize Your Hair 4 Different Ways

Use Volumizing Products

Thickening and volumizing products have really come a long way over the years. Today, these products can be used daily and incorporated into your hair-care routine to help you achieve the full hair you’ve always wanted quite effortlessly. By starting with a great volumizing shampooandconditioner, your hair will be well primed. Then, when it comes time to style your hair, give your roots a nice spritz of a volumizing root spray that’ll keep your style looking full all day long.


How to Volumize Your Hair 4 Different Ways

Blow-Dry It Upside Down

Your blow-drying technique can also make all the difference when it comes to achieving more volume in your hair. If you’re sectioning your hair off and blow-drying it straight, you’re probably not very successful in getting the volume you want. That’s because with this method, you’re literally pulling the hair down as you dry it, which is going to cause it to lay flat and lifeless. Instead, start by drying your hair as you normally would; when it’s about halfway dry, flip your head so that you’re drying your hair upside down. This pulls the hair away from the scalp, giving you lots of added volume and fullness.
While blow drying, it also helps to use your fingers to gently tousle your hair, rather than yanking on it with a hair brush the entire time.

How to Volumize Your Hair 4 Different Ways

Throw Your Hair in a Bun

This technique sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. It works great for women with longer hair; simply gather all of your hair (while it’s dry or mostly dry) and pull it into a loose bun on the top of your head. You can sleep on it or take it out when it’s time to get ready for a night out. Either way, having your hair piled on top of your head all day will give you added volume. Consider spraying a small amount of hair spray or dry shampoo to hold it in place and maintain the volume once you take the bun out.

Having naturally fine or limp hair doesn’t mean you can’t achieve lovely fullness and volume by any means. By incorporating some of these styling tips into your hair-care routine, you can enjoy thicker, fuller, and more voluminous hair without the need for extensions or any drastic measures.

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