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How to Use Hair Mousse

If your mousse makes your hair feel crunchy or sticky, chances are you may not be using it right or you’ve chosen the wrong product for your style. Relax, help is here. We’re going to take you through the basics of how to use hair mousse correctly and how to choose the right mousse for your hair type and hair style.

How to Use Hair Mousse

How to Use Hair Mousse 101

Hair mousse has many styling advantages and it’s very easy to use. Use it to add volume without weighing down your locks, to help hold your curls’ shape, and as a way to add a bit of sheen to your style.

To use hair mousse follow these simple steps:

Start wet

Not sopping wet, but begin with damp or towel-dried hair. Make sure your hair is wet from tip to the root, but not dripping.


Shake the bottle

Always shake your mousse bottle/can before using. This agitates the product so it comes out in a nice, frothy foam. When spraying the mousse into your hand or directly on your hair, hold the can vertically.


Apply in sections

Your application method ultimately depends on the length of your hair, the style you’re attempting to create, and how much time you want to spend on styling your hair. If you’re looking to add volume to your hair (regardless of length) it’s easiest to apply the mousse in sections, working from the nape of the neck to the top of your head. Apply the mousse to the roots at each section, working it in with your fingers. You may also opt to comb the mousse through with a wide-tooth comb.


Blow dry hair

Set your hair dryer to low or use a diffuser, when styling with mousse — this works if you’re going for volume and lift or using the mousse to help hold the shape of your waves and curls. Focus the heat at the roots, this will help provide more lift. You may also opt (if you have longer hair) to flip your hair over and dry it “upside down” to focus the attention towards the roots and maximizing the lift potential.


Style as normal

Once your hair is dry, style as normal.

How to Use Hair Mousse

How to Choose the Right Hair Mousse for Your Style

Just like shampoo, conditioner, and other styling products, you need to select the hair mousse that’s formulated for your particular hair type or needs. If you have thin hair, opt for a thickening hair mousse or try a volumizing root lift to give your style bounce and a new life.


ion’s lightweight styling mousse offers protection from heat styling and is a great option for daily use, while the Curl Solutions Refreshing Foam helps fight frizz and  is ideal for curly, coily, or even wavy hair.

How to Use Hair Mousse

Benefits of Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is an amazing product because it’s versatile. While hair spray can help hold your style in place, it often doesn’t play nice when the humidity is high or the winds are at gale-force level. Hair mousse typically is the better option for holding your style in all types of weather and hairdo threatening situations. It’s also a great product for taming curls that just want to do their own thing. Try a little mousse and those curls will bounce and behave.

Once you know the few basics about hair mousse, it’s one of the easiest styling products to use and a must-have for your styling routine.

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