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How to: Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Two tone hair color gives you a fun and exciting look that helps frame your face or grab attention. Pick the two colors you want to use, whether it’s black with blond, blond with purple, brown with blue, or a host of other two-color options. Leave your own shade as one of the colors, or color your hair with two hues. There are differing ways to create a two tone look, so choose one of the following to try:

How to: Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Blonde with Dark Undertones

One fun way to go is blonde hair on top with black or another dark shade underneath. The darker color underneath gives blond hair more depth and keeps a light hair color from washing out your face if you have a light skin tone.

  • Figure out how much of your hair you want blonde, and how much dark, and separate the sections for coloring.
  • Apply blonde coloring to the top portion of your hair, according to the package directions, and let it sit for the designated time. (If you already have blonde hair, you get to skip this step).
  • Rinse out the coloring with cold water.
  • Separate the blond part, clip it up out of the way and use a shower cap to cover it.
  • Take your black or dark coloring and apply it to the bottom section of hair, according to the package directions. Please note that if your hair is blonde, in order to go dark or black you will most likely need to perform a tint back. Placing a dark shade over blonde without any other prep may result in green, muddy ends.
  • Rinse out the coloring with the shower cap still on the blonde hair.

Now you have blonde hair with dark undertones!

How to: Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Black and White Hair

This look is similar to Two-Face in the Batman Universe, where the hair on one side of your head is white, while the other side is black. (Or you could go for black and red, white and blue, or another combination.)

  • Decide where you want your hair parted, and comb it into place.
  • Color the black side first, according to the black coloring directions. Use your gloved fingers or a color applicator to get the coloring as close to the parting line as possible without going over. Use mirrors to see the back of your head.
  • Rinse out the coloring, and part your hair in the same way again.
  • Use a hair lightener on the other side. A great product to use instead of bleaching is this Ion Color Brilliance Powder Lightener. You can also choose an ammonia-free version.
  • Rinse out the lightener.

Voila — you have a funky new hairstyle!

How to: Two Tone Hair Color Ideas

Dip-Colored Two Tone Hair Color

Dip-coloring gives you a really fun look with most of your hair in one shade and dipped tips in a different color, and it even looks great on brunette hair. This trend is the most fun if you make the tips a vibrant, eye-catching color like this fuschia!

  • Separate your hair into a few sections and tie them in low ponytails.
  • Apply your coloring to the bottom of each section, making sure you color the same size chunk on each section, according to the coloring directions.
  • Twist the part where the color meets your hair to blend the hues (optional).
  • Rinse out the coloring.

Enjoy your flirty new style!



The two tone hair color trend is an exciting one to try and completely doable at home. If you want even more inspiration to achieve the two tone look, take a look at Nubia’s multiple tone hair on her blog at Nubia’s Nonsense!



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