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How to Try Daring New Hair Color

The time has never been better to go for it and try a new, daring hair color. Think alluring colors in candy-inspired pastels of lavender, pink, mint, chartreuse and aqua. How about a gorgeous coloring of ombre pastel hair for a stunningly feminine look? You’re no longer tied down to traditional “natural” hair colors. Now is the time to go pastel lavender or add pink tips to your blond locks.

Ombre Pastel Hair? I Love It! But…

Taking your medium brown hair to honey blond seemed daring at the time, but it looked stunning. Don’t let pastel or jewel color shades scare you. These are amazing colors that are bold but beautiful, sexy and one of the biggest hair trends right now. Ion offers a rainbow of semi-permanent colors that are free from ammonia, peroxide and non-oxidative dyes. Typically, a semi-permanent hair color lasts for about four to six weeks and it will fade naturally over time due to washing, styling and other elements. You can have your fun color but it’s not a lifetime commitment.

I Love Pastel Lavender But Will It Look Good On Me?

If you avoid chartreuse and yellows in your wardrobe, it’s likely hair color in a similar hue won’t work for your look. In general, pastel and most neon hair colors work with any skin tone. However, sometimes a certain color will look better on a person with warm tones versus someone with olive tones. Ion’s Color Brilliance Brights semi-permanent shark blue hair color will pair beautifully with fair skin and blue eyes, while a soft pink rose will complement fair to medium skin with cool undertones.

Skin Tones and Color

The great thing about colors like lavender, orchid, hot pink, blue and even blood orange is that if you like the color, do it. It’s about expressing your individual personality and your hair is a great way to show the world who you really are — and if your mood changes, you can change the color. However, if you want to try and pair your hair color with your skin tone, consider the following general guidelines.

  • Fair skin: pastels, especially baby blue, aqua and lavender if your skin has warm undertones
  • Medium skin: most pastels but also consider jewel tones like magenta and emerald green
  • Dark skin: jewel tones, especially royal purple/violet and consider adding magenta highlights or even contrasting pastels

Anyone can wear bold colors and you should choose the color that makes you happy. Really great looking color, whether it’s a chocolate brown or pastel lavender, depends on saturation, the right placement and quality products.

How to Get Pastel Blue Hair or Another Pastel

The trick to achieving a great pastel blue, lavender, pink or other soft color is the right hair prep. If your hair is dark or even a medium blonde/light brown, simply coloring over the current shade with a pastel will not produce the right shade. Remember, coloring your hair only adds color.

To achieve a truly pastel hue typically requires lightening the hair first and then applying the pastel blue or other shade. Naturally light blonde hair or hair already colored a light/platinum blonde will take the pastel coloring without needing pre-lightening.  Try Ion Color Brilliance powder lightener that works for both on and off scalp application techniques. It’s moisture-rich with a blend of coconut oil and gardenia add conditioning to your hair while de-colorizing.

After de-colorizing, follow the package instructions for the color you’ve selected. After coloring, be sure to thoroughly rinse and then apply an after-color treatment to close the hair’s cuticles and set the color. If you’re struggling to go from a deep brown to the very light blond needed for a pastel and if you think your roots will show quickly, consider an ombre effect. Keep a darker, more natural color at the roots and then transition to a dark lilac into pastel lavender at the tips. Ombre pastel hair also looks stunning with the lightest color at the roots, it’s all about what works best for you.

It’s your hair. Have fun! You can wear bold and daring colors at any age. Browse through the Ion Contemporary Colors gallery and pick the one (or more) that fits your style and makes you happiest.

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