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How to Try a DIY At-Home Blowout

Get shiny, smooth hair without having to make an appointment at the salon. We’re sharing our best DIY home beauty tips for the perfect at-home blowout. With the right tools and our easy-to-follow steps, a simple, beautiful blowout is minutes away!

Step 1:

The right prep is essential for a great blowout. Rough dry your hair by blotting with a towel and then running your fingers through it to remove excess water.

Tip: Watch how vigorously you rub your hair with a towel – too much of this can create unwanted frizz.

Step 2:

Try Ion’s Keratin Heat Styling Cream to smooth frizz and protect your hair against heat damage. Apply about a quarter-size amount of heat styling cream to your hair. It’s ideal for color-treated hair and untreated hair. Using a product like Ion’s Keratin Heat Styling Cream will help nourish your hair and bring out its shine without ever leaving it greasy.

Step 3:

Gather your tools. The right tools are key for a great blowout — whether at home or in the salon.

Hair dryer: Rely on a quality, professional hair dryer like the Ion Professional Conditioning Ionic-Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer that’s designed to use natural negative ions for breaking down the moisture in your hair, allowing it to dry faster and with a significantly reduced risk of damage.

Choose a great blowout brush, which provides you with awesome volume and superior smoothness.

Step 4:

Set the dryer to medium or medium-high and use your fingers to create manageable sections, about 3- to 4-inches in each section. Start at the front, focusing on the front and top sections first. These frame your face and you’ll want them to be picture perfect. The trick is to create tension with the brush and to dry each section completely before moving on to the next section.

Let the brush pull the hair up while the dryer blows down to the roots. Roll each section into a loose curl and secure it with a clip.

After completing the top and front sections, move on to the sides and finish with the back. On the sides and in the back, work from the bottom up to the crown in layers. Secure each dry section with a clip to keep it separated from the wet sections.

Step 5:

When all sections are dry, release the clips. Finish the blowout with a product to boost shine and maintain smoothness. Try Ion’s Brilliance Shine Spray that’s always lightweight and never greasy. It’s safe for chemically treated hair and will add outstanding shine to your fabulous home blowout.

Spritz the finishing spray on your hands and gently rake your fingers through your hair, pushing up to encourage bounce.

That’s all it takes for a great DIY blowout — just five simple steps! Just remember, it’s all about the right tools and products and just a bit of patience.

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