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How to Transition Your Look From Summer to Fall

Before we know it, the hot days and nights of summer will be replaced by crisp, cool temperatures. For many, fall is a favorite time of year; the leaves turn beautiful colors, kids are heading back to school, and hoodies once again become appropriate. However, transitioning your summer to fall fashion can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve put together some great tips for transitioning your look seamlessly and almost effortlessly.

Experiment With A Darker Color

Fall is an excellent time to go with a darker hair color. If you have naturally lighter hair, consider experimenting with some lowlights. If you’re a brunette, why not go a shade or two darker the next time you get your hair done? Darker colors are ideal for fall, and if you’re worried about ending up with a color that’s too dark, a deeper richer more fall tone is easily accomplished with a semi permanent or demi permanent. Both are excellent for enriching a slightly darker shade without commitment.

Try Out a Trendy New Hair Cut

Often times, hair gets damaged and fried from sun exposure over the summer, so fall can be a great time to give your hair a makeover with a fresh new cut. Not to mention, that cut will eliminate lots of dead ends and other damage, revealing healthier looking hair. Shorter styles are definitely in this fall, so if you’re looking for a dramatic change, consider going with a bob or even a “lob” (a longer version of a bob). Even if you prefer something a little longer, you might want to opt for having a few inches cut off and adding some layers for dimension.

Pick Up a New Foundation

Aside from transitioning your hair style from summer to fall, you’ll also want to make sure your makeup is fall-appropriate. For starters, you’ll probably want to ease up on the bronzer and switch to a lighter shade of foundation. This is especially important if you tanned a lot over the summer and don’t plan on attempting to keep your tan over the fall and winter. Selecting a new foundation will help to ensure that it matches your current skin tone and that you don’t end up walking around with a face that doesn’t seem to match your body!

Pair Summer Dresses With Jackets

You might think that because summer is almost over, it’s time to put away your favorite summer dresses…right? Not necessarily! A lot of summer dresses can be made appropriate and comfortable for fall by simply adding a jacket over them. A jean jacket, for example, is versatile and will go great with most summer dresses. You might also want to consider picking up a few cardigans in varying colors to pair with your favorite summer dresses. Of course, you’ll also want to swap out the corresponding sandals with boots or flats.

And while most dresses can be transitioned from summer to fall, you’ll want to be careful to avoid “summer-y” dress patterns during the fall, such as bright floral prints and pastels. These obviously summer-time dresses should be kept in the closet until next spring and summer rolls around. Solid color dresses, however, are pretty much fair game for a fall transition.

Ditch the Bright Nail Colors

Finally, now that fall is almost here, it’s sadly time to put those bright, neon nail polish shades away; don’t worry—you can whip them back out next summer. For fall, however, it’s all about the red and plum shades when it comes to nail polish. Or, for a sophisticated and trendy look, you might even consider a peach shade of nail polish. Whatever you do, just try to keep it simple. Neutral colors are best for fall nails, but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with glitter or other nail art. If you’re stumped, check out our nail art ideas or visit your local salon.

The process of transitioning your look from summer to fall isn’t something that’ll happen overnight. You might consider starting with a new hair cut or color, and then move on to transitioning your wardrobe, makeup, and nails. Bottom line: do what works best for you. From there, you’ll be looking your best this fall in no time at all!

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